Exhausted While Bipolar

Exhausted by life stressors. Understandably so. I have this. Just takes a LOT of energy. Recently I've been totally overwhelmed and exhausted. A virus almost took my mother's life. Thank God she survived. [...]

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Journal Writing

Saturday, March 5, 2016 Here I am at my parents’ house writing. Not necessarily for my blog, though I did save this to my blog writing folder on my hard drive. No, I’m [...]

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Day from Hell

Recently my mother slammed the door on her speech therapist. She refused nursing care for herself and blocked nurses from seeing my father. Her behavior has caused both of them to be discharged [...]

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Back to School at Last

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yvW0tr0dQKg So this is where I was with my son back in April. Transcribing this voice recording was gut wrenching for me. In April, my struggle to get my son back to class [...]

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I Give Up (Again)

Here is where I must admit defeat or acknowledge my limitations and sensitivity to social stimulation. I've been hypomanic since I began coming into the NAMI Orange County office to volunteer, and since [...]

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