Fig Tree Bougainvillea Collage

Lightly pruned our fig tree this morning, evening out its limbs. May not have been the best time of year to prune it, but some branches grew out of control, reaching into the neighbor’s yard and into the homeowners’ association’s hillside. Like me, the fig tree is productive, fecund, stretching itself outside the bounds of a narrowly defined suburban tract house’s yard. Now it’s basically a lollipop tree. Maybe it was better a bit unfettered.

The bougainvillea without doubt needs help, perhaps some light pruning. Not treating her correctly. I want a more robust plant, with colorful dense growth and less leggy limbs. Perhaps it gets too much water, its roots water-logged as they grow in clay and receive runoff from irrigated homeowners’ association landscaping. The bougainvillea not happy.

Pray & Hope for Melissa, Please

Still praying & hoping for Melissa Nemeth. May UCLA successfully transplant small intestines into this incredible young woman.

My prayerful & hopeful message to Melissa – in case she can sense our love, our hope, & our prayers:  Melissa, you have been in my prayers and in the hopes and prayers of many others as you’ve been fighting for your life. I’m trying to rally as much support, love, hope & prayers for you as possible.