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As I desperately reached out in compassion for others this past 10 days, I’ve neglected myself. I fueled my efforts with hypomanic energy, all the while sick with gastroenteritis and caring for an even sicker son. Poor baby gets gastro really bad (badly). So here I address compassion burnout, nurturing others while neglecting oneself.

My step today to nurture my self is quite simple. I’m taking a bath.


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  1. Don’t I know that scenario. Had a couple of major meltdowns myself today – first to forcefully awaken my son and get him to school, later yelling at my husband and slamming the microwave door before going myself a time out to cool off. I’m at my wits end, at times.

  2. This is great, Kitt– Bobbi Parish and Athena Moberg have been discussing self-care (and hygiene) with us this week.

    It can be a little bit more difficult for abuse survivors sometimes, because some methods of care are tied into our circumstances and history of abuse. A few people in our chats said baths weren’t a good option because they were too connected to past abuse. We talked a lot about ways to take care of ourselves while getting around the traumatic parts.

    Compassion burnout is a real thing; maybe you read what I had to say on that recently. I am so glad that my father is a week or so out of the hospital and healing; I was summoned to help care for him and that really WAS hard. I can also say that Cimmy has had plenty of burnout just looking after me and our son. It’s frustrating sometimes– a lot of my extended family is the unwell taking care of the more unwell.

  3. Bad design if you can’t submerge it.

  4. I love the G-rated video! For a moment there I wondered if your hypomania had increased and you were about to treat us to a very special “show”! 😉 JUST KIDDING! (I know I shouldn’t joke about it, but you know that I can be a freak sometimes. Okay, okay, all the time!)

    You’ve inspired me to take a bath soon!

    I need to take a bath for my aching back and for my oodles of stress. I also plan to buy some Epsom salts. I have wonderful essential oils at the ready to use in a bath as well.

    For his birthday, I bought Craig a fancy $16 bath pillow at CVS that’s made of special material that molds to you – I forget the high-tech name, but the girls accidentally immersed the pillow completely int water (which is a no-no, which seems dumb for a bath pillow, but whatever) and so the thing may be ruined. Boo.

  5. I did. Very luxurious.

  6. Love this! It is very easy to neglect yourself while caring for everyone else. I hope you had an amazing bath!

  7. Haha! Exactly ?

  8. Thank you, Kimmie! XOXOXO <3 Hope all is well. In my thoughts and prayers.

  9. Very relaxing. Much needed. Plus easier to shave my legs.

  10. Oh, I love, love your take on this months theme!

    I could feel myself relaxing as I watched your feet wiggle, and listened to your self soothing – Fabulous post Kitt:)

    Kimmie x

  11. Ah, Nurturing bath seems cool and relaxing! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  12. Your list for self-care was great.

  13. I should have added ‘taking a bath’ to my list. 🙂 Taking a bath is so relaxing.

    Thank you for your comment in my blog.

  14. In fact, we converted a large shower into a deep soaking tub.

  15. Bathing is so relaxing and grounding. I agree. Growing up I had a stand up shower and no bath. Now I really value our bathtub.

  16.  Avatar

    I’m very glad you’re taking a bath… And I am burning up with envy. I don’t have a bathtub. When I get over this drafted urinary tract infection, I think I’ll go camp at the Hot Springs for as long as I can afford to do so.

    You really ought to take a bath at the end of every day. I think it’s a good way to stay grounded and besides, it feels….so….GOOD!

  17. Don’t forget the Epsom Salt to relax those muscles!

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