This week, I’m going to BlogHer16. This will be my first BlogHer conference, my first blogging conference.
I’m anxious. Worried about not having the energy to participate. Worried about being overwhelmed. Surprised I’m not worried about triggering mood cycling.
Deep breath. Wish me well!


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  1. Thank you! Great conference self-care tips.

  2. well Kitt it’s amen only 6 days since I saw this post on my phone and read it but couldn’t somehow get to click like cause the network was lousy to say the list. I wish you a nice conference…

  3. Thank you, Vic. You know me online, not in person. I’m show well. If you took a look at my home, you’d think otherwise!

  4. Awesome! Look forward to reading it. Would love it if you left a link to it in my comments.

  5. Enjoy the conference!!!

  6. Kitt you will do awesome…which is what you normally do!

  7. I think I am going to blog about this.

  8. That’s the key. Managing expectations and not over-scheduling. Taking a look at the offerings now. Signed up for special events, so that will cover lunch and a couple of breakfasts.

  9. Having to start pacing myself now! Thanks for the great advice!

  10. I had some of the same concerns when I went to a writer’s conference earlier this year. I had to give myself permission to limit the number of sessions I attended, build in more breaks, and go home (it was local) when I felt I just couldn’t go on. (If I had stayed at the hotel, I would have allowed myself naps.) I also skipped most of the social events, except for lunches, as they are particularly problematic for me. Before the conference I was manicky and thought I would really kick butt, but the reality was very different and I had to revise my expectations and behavior. Maybe I didn’t get out of it everything the conference had to offer, but I got out of it what I could handle.

  11. All the best, Kitt. Pace yourself and you will do fine. I am glad you are staying at the hotel. That is something I have done at conferences as well.

  12. Enjoy, Kitt, look forward to hearing how it goes.

  13. Thanks! I haven’t even started packing or planning which sessions I’ll go to yet.

  14. Great advice! Thanks for joining me in spirit.

  15. Yes. I’m going to let it wash over me. No expectations. Just take in what may.

  16. Will do. Thanks!

  17. Hope it goes well, Kitt!

  18. Yes! That was a great decision. Enjoy it.

  19. Not to overwhelm you, but…..I looked at the speakers, & recognized the name
    CLAIRE BIDWELL SMITH. I thought you might be interersted in checking her out. She’s a “Therapist, Author, and Memoirist.” She’ll be at Publishing & Writing & Crafting Your Memoir or Personal Story for Online and/or Future Publication.”
    I bought her most recent book “After This: When Life is Over Where Do We Go?” a while ago and I enjoyed it. Xo

  20. I agree with all the awesome advice you’ve gotten here, Kitt. When you’re feeling like it’s “too much”, go to your hotel room and take some “horizontal time”. Even if you can’t nap, just resting will help you settle and recharge! I’ll be with you there in spirit! XoXo

  21. Enjoy the positive energy of the event. Let go of all the rest. ❤️

  22. Ah Kitt remember this “you can’t afford the luxury of a negative thought”. Enjoy the conference xx

  23. Thank you!
    I just took a deep breath, thought of Will, and felt… not sure how to put it into words, but I’m softly crying and I think it’s because I felt that Will was at peace.
    That sounds bizarre, I realize. Perhaps I’m projecting. I know what it’s like to love someone who is suffering. I am really sensitive, though, and I do think that maybe I can actually feel that he loves you and you love him and that he’s at peace and with you in spirit. (((HUGS)))

  24. Thanks, Vernette! That’s why I decided to stay at the hotel. I can hide in my hotel room and recuperate as needed.

  25. Take a deep breath, and then…enjoy yourself! You’ll be fine, I know it. I’m looking forward to your story about the conference. Hugs!

  26. Oh Kitt this was me last year. My first BlogHer, my first blogging conference. My one piece of advice is to take a break when you need it, don’t feel like you need to do everything to have a great conference. Take as many breaks as you need.
    (((HUG))) you will have a great conference.

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