Since my interview with NAMI on Thursday about volunteer opportunities I’ve been hypomanic – so easily overstimulated. Hardly got any sleep last night and today I feel wiped out, fried, extra crispy.


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  1. Thank you. I will. Successful Tuesday to you 🙂

  2. I have study material for the Ending the Silence program in the high schools, and I will shadow a couple of presentations before or whether I am trained. Next Saturday I begin NAMI Provider Education with the thought of someday being a trainer/presenter.

  3. Really, I do not know. Consider submitting a piece of your writing or your blog link to:Bipolar Blogger Network
    Blog for Mental Health
    Mental Health Writers’ Guild
    Stand Up for Mental Health

  4. Hi Kitt! Hope you slept well last night. I struggle with hypomania quite often and it is frustrating. Yeah it can be fun. But when it messes up your schedule and your day, etc, it’s no longer fun.

    How did your interview with NAMI go? What will you do?

  5. I agree. The truth is I feel a little slighted by the “bipolar blogging community”. My observation (possibly a little paranoid but mostly realistic) is that because my blog is not 100% bipolar content that I’m not “visited” or with whom bipolar bloggers choose to engage.

    My tone right now is mostly curious and confused. What have your observations been on blogs that are only a little bipolar?

    Thanks 🙂

  6. My opinion? A blog is whatever the author of it wants it to be. I’m all for freedom of expression.

  7. Fried (breaded) pickles appeared as a secret ingredient on the Food Network’s cooking show “Chopped”. I don’t have cable but once in a while I’ll go online and watch.

    Also, quick question: What’s your take on blogs that are not 100% bipolar content and just around 50% bipolar 50% other life events?

  8. Thanks for the information about Mindcare. Not at that point, yet. Now I just need to titrate stimulation.

  9. Thank you, Diane.

  10. I’m ten years your senior, Kat (well, chronologically 🙂 ). I made it this far out of obligation to my family. At some point the combination of physical pain and brain pain will tip the balance. I spent all effing night 1) trying to get my arthritic parts into a position of comfort (not), and my brain got stuck in an infinite loop trying to explain to my 88 year old mother that Bipolar Disorder is physical, and no amount of “going to that lady,” which is referring to my therapist, is going to change that. It helps me blow off steam and get a reality check, which is helpful, but in my dreams I was trying to explain that it doesn’t make the disease go away. I myself did have a surge in symptoms around menopause, which happened for me around 50. I was sunk in a suicidal depression (again), and found out about rTMS (repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation), which at the time was only approved in Canada. So I went to Canada for a two-week series of three treatments a day, two for depression and one for PTSD. It was literally lifesaving. I’ve gone for tune-ups twice since then. It’s somewhat expensive (not horribly, compared to some other things), worth every penny. Gave me back my life!!! I think I’m due for another series now, though. I go to Canada rather than the States because the Canadian version is approved for higher intensity than the US version, which has had lukewarm results because it’s approved only for much lower intensity treatments. It does not resemble ECT in any way, but I do find it has affected my memory a bit. So be it, if it keeps me alive longer, so I can maybe get to see a grandchild or two.

    I’ve rambled on a bit here. I guess Canada (Mindcare is the name of the clinic I go to, one in Vancouver and one in Toronto) beckons….

  11. Just be careful … your health comes first… take care Diane

  12. Going to bed at a reasonable hour tonight.

  13. I’m at 51. Not looking forward to going downhill from here.

  14. Never had a deep fried pickle, but a pickle does sound good right now.

  15. I hope you are able to nip it in the bud and it doesn’t get worse. xo

  16. So interesting to hear that. I have found less tolerance as I age, too, especially in the years after 55 or so. You have such good insights.

  17. I’m sorry to hear that, Kitt. I’ve been going around like a Ferris wheel, sometimes getting stuck on top, sometimes on the bottom. Sending you love and thoughts of healing <3

  18. Hmm. Ditto on the hypomania. I wish you didn’t use the word “crispy” cuz now all I can think about is deep fried (crispy) pickles. I’m going to go raid the fridge now. Warm vibes, from cold Canada 🙂

  19. Just take it easy….I know you will. Take out sounds GOOD!!! you have great places near you, right?

  20. All I can say Kitt is take care, sending good (and calming) vibes your way!!

  21. Indeed. Social stimulation is a HUGE trigger for me. More so as I age.

  22. It takes so little to push one over the edge, doesn’t it?

  23. Nap’s in order over here.

  24. I’m anything but hypomanic, and have no energy at all. Let’s all do what we need to do (call the psychiatrist, have med doses changed, etc. etc.) to function at the best level we can and if not let’s all take a nap. 🙂 Best of luck.

  25. Thanks. I was going to try to get on Dy Jr for a few minutes. Maybe we can get take out tonight.

  26. I appreciate your recognizing when you become hypomanic SO much. Many people don’t.

    You know what you need to do…and I know you will do it.

    I’m sorry you feel worn out & that you didn’t sleep much last night. Your $&%&*^ pal here
    had a coffee too late yesterday afternoon, and then didn’t go to sleep until 1:00 a.m.,
    I’m right there with you in the crispy trenches of exhaustion. Plus Lucy was getting super-smelly and I just couldn’t take it anymore, so I gave her a bath this morning. She was so good but doing that took all the energy I had.

    We will restore ourselves again. Do whatever helps you to break the cycle. I may take a little extra Seroquel tonight! What about you?

    Will check on you manana. You are excused from working out today.
    Coach/Dame Dy

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