I, Too, Am Not Okay

Yesterday I wrote this response to Tempest Rose's post It's Okay for Me to Not be Okay on STIGMAMA.COM: I, too, am not okay, and I'm okay with it. Often other people do [...]

2015-01-29T14:12:32+00:00January 29th, 2015|16 Comments

Hypomanic Again

Since my interview with NAMI on Thursday about volunteer opportunities I've been hypomanic - so easily overstimulated. Hardly got any sleep last night and today I feel wiped out, fried, extra crispy.

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Suffering and Meaning

"Existential psychologist and Holocaust survivor Victor Frankl (1959), learned through his own direct experience of severe torture, suffering, and loss, that part of the essence of the human experience is our capacity to [...]

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Insight into My Blog

Readers from 91 countries! Hello, world. How cool is that? Today Cheri Lucas Rowlands, WordPress editor and author of Writing Through the Fog, wrote Drawing Insight From Your Annual Report. On December 30th, I used [...]

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Why the Changes?

You may have noticed that I've revised the design of this site. I changed my theme (site design template), fiddled with my widgets (that sounds dirty, but just refers to the handy doodads at [...]

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Through the Lens of Our Past

TRIGGER WARNING - Discussion about whether Sia’s music video for Elastic Heart sexualizes relationship between an adult male and a pubescent girl. STATEMENT: I do NOT condone the sexualization or abuse of children. The question is: Does [...]

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Life Simplified

Using WordPress Reader Lists has simplified my life. There are a seemingly infinite number of excellent blogs to follow, read, like, and comment on. If you comment, I will respond. I "follow" those who [...]

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