I Miss My Old Blogging Friends
I wrote the following post last year. Still applies. Now I’m busy with caregiving. My responsibilities have grown. My focus has changed. Now I blog less about living with bipolar and more about caregiving. Still, I do not have enough time to read and comment on all the wonderful blogs out there. On top of caregiving, I’m preparing for BlogHer16. After BlogHer, I’m attending NAMI’s California conference in late August and a writers’ conference in September.

Have I Lost My Blogging Friends?

Published August 12, 2015
So I’ve been busy, much busier than usual, in my real life, interacting with people in the flesh, which overstimulates me, so I haven’t been reading and commenting on other blog posts like I usually do, like I used to do.
The posts I published Wednesday received few comments. I wonder, is it because I have let down my online community of mutually supportive readers by not reading and commenting on their posts? Or, is it because my posts were not personal or particularly original in nature — just a rehash of a conference I attended Friday and Saturday and a repost of a TIME, Inc. infographic about why we still need Women’s Equality Day ? Perhaps my last post was simply too long (and boring, I now realize in going back and reading it).
I’ve been feeling guilty for not reading and commenting as much on other blogs, but I can only do so much, and taking care of myself comes first. I respond to comments on my blog. But, there are simply too many other blogs to read them all. I’m not even reading those with whom I’ve developed close online friendships.
Writing helps me. Consuming seemingly endless numbers of mental health posts, commenting on them and sharing them, unfortunately, does not. Perhaps doing so helps others, just not me. Not when I’m too overwhelmed. Not when I’m doing my best to slow down.
By the way, did some more in person volunteering. Once again trying to figure this one out. How much in-person social interaction and volunteering I can take on without spinning like a hypomanic top.


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  1. Life comes first. Thanks for paying a visit.

  2. Trouble keeping up? Whatever do you mean? I’m only 3 months behind. LOL NTM, haven’t written much myself. Day off today, but catching up with life. A little.~Deon

  3. Great techniques. Thanks!

  4. It’s really hard, but I turn everything off and try and sit still. I often think about something I need to do, like put something in the closet that belongs in its “perfect” place. Or there’s a question I have and want to google it. Or I’ve just got to write something down. There’s always something! I try it a few times a week (I try) and make that attempt to not do whatever comes to my mind. It can be done. But it’s hard. I’m hearing you!

  5. If you don’t do what you like, people won’t like what you do.

  6. Thank you, Mindy. So important to not get overstimulated. I’m bad at not doing anything. Too much nervous energy that needs releasing.

  7. I’m still here! Come visit my blog today!

  8. Wow, BlogHer is next week! You must really be excited about that. Don’t worry about your blog. We’ll be here; and people who aren’t will be back. I really don’t spend much time reading blogs, unfortunately, simply because I’m not online all that much. Social media is just way too overstimulating for me, and it strains my eyes if I’m on the computer for too long.
    Take care of yourself, maybe take the time to do nothing, to listen to the silence, and to be mindful and in the moment. But what do I know! Maybe you do that already. Or maybe you have your own thing that works for you. But be there just for you.
    By the way, I agree your new photos look great. You look like a famous person. 🙂

  9. Thank you. God Bless. Namaste. Peace.

  10. Paladin Avatar

    Seems to be a glow in your recent photos like you have transformed somewhat with your trip to Oregon. Maybe it was your “Martha’s Vineyard”. Not really into blogging and social media stuff but think you will do well at the planned BlogHer16 conference next week.
    God Bless + Namaste.

  11. I think all bloggers struggle in trying to keep up with other blogs and commenting. We all do our best to build and maintain community but you are right when you say that taking care of yourself comes first. It sounds like you have a lot going on and doing your best is all anyone can ask of you! Best wishes, dear!!

  12. Kitt, I will keep you in my thoughts .. The bloggers will always be there. Life’s twists and turns leads us in directions we had no idea were ahead . Take care of yourself

  13. Thanks! Hope you are well!

  14. You’re not the only one, Kitt. Blogging friends come go and come back again – all depending on what’s going on in their world. We’ll be here waiting for you to post when you can. You need to take care of you, which it makes me happy to see that it looks like that’s what you’re doing.

  15. Focus on your book. I’m proud of you and all that you’ve accomplished so far in writing it, in being disciplined in your writing, in your weight loss, in your exercise regimen, and in maintaining your stability. Brava, my dear friend.

  16. That, I love: “Trust in life, it’ll never let you down.” XOXOXO

  17. I remember this post – it’s such a wonderful one! I totally understand. I’m only reading a handful of blogs myself, which includes this one, of course. :))))
    I wish I could go with you to your writer’s conference in September, but I’m attending my “solo conference” getting my book done. I hope you’ll blog about your experience – how exciting!

  18. Yes, we do. 🙂

  19. Hi lovely. Don’t even worry about this. Those that care about what you write about, will keep a look out for whatever you do post. I also don’t get to post much, what with my work on my furniture, but it’s all good. Trust in life, it’ll never let you down. x x x

  20. That is a great analogy.

  21. You are a treasure, so please take care of yourself!

  22. My heart goes out to you. I send you my love and my deepest condolences. I’m glad to have learned that they lived long and I assume full lives. I loved the image of your father trudging through the snow, not letting his age fetter his independent spirit. Losing one’s independence can be so hard.

  23. You definitely understand the need to take care of oneself, as you, too are a caregiver. Just like the need to put on one’s own oxygen mask first.

  24. Thank you. We all do, don’t we?

  25. Sometimes life intervenes with blogging. There will be time to get back into the game. I have hardly published anything beyond links to reviews I wrote elsewhere, typically month or more before they were published. In the last two weeks I lost both of my parents in two unrelated circumstances. We were facing the prospect of caregiving and then they were both gone (not that that does not entail a whole new set of circumstances to deal with.) It’s very difficult balance to care for yourself and your parents at this stage of life. Trust you are doing your best.

  26. Yup, what they said! 🙂

  27. I think this is a great comment and you need to focus on taking care of yourself and what is going on in your life.
    As far as your blogging friends go, indeed we are still here. Like you, many of us have to focus on life so blogging is less of a presence but always still there when time is available.

  28. The operative phrase here is “taking care of yourself.” That’s what you need to do. We understand. 🙂

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