imageAs BlogHer16 approaches, my anxiety increases. I know the conference will overstimulate me. To not be overwhelmed, I must revisit a topic I touched on briefly when I starred blogging in September 2016 – my need to titrate stimulation, carefully balancing just the right amount of social interaction with breaks for solitude and relaxation.
Find I must titrate exposure to stimulation. Need enough to prevent depression, but not so much as to trigger hypomania. Enough, but not too much sun. Have to be very careful with social stimulation. Easily get on edge when spend too much time with too many people. And, not able to limit myself, to set boundaries, to keep myself on an even keel. Fear losing myself, jumping in too deep too soon, taking on more than I can handle. All a very careful balancing act.
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  1. Thank you, Kate 🙂

  2. Thank you, Kitt! My apologies for this late response.

  3. Thank you. Doubt I’ll be purchasing a gizmo to show me my brain telemetry anytime soon. But, it is fascinating. There is a local Aliso Viejo company MYnd Analytics is in the neurometrics business. Would make a fascinating post…

    MYnd Analytics’s Psychiatric EEG Evaluation Registry, or PEER Online®, is a cloud-based platform which allows physicians to exchange outcome data referenced to their patients’ neurophysiology.

  4. Paladin Avatar

    The BlogHer16 four day agenda is an overkill of stimulation and it starts on 4 August. Did a brief survey from a Google search on “titrate stimulation” with overwhelming math algorithms, flowcharts, and how different parts of the brain will perform. Very impessive models.
    Like to read a lot on brain research. Boston Scientific Neuromodulation section can implant brain devices to help those suffering from Parkinson’s disease. Several years ago DARPA was doing research with producing implanted devices to correct neurotransmitters for those suffering from other sever mental disorders, such as PTSD.
    1) Think there may be some external pendants with one electrode to provide feedback like performing an EEG test on the brain with less electrodes. You may want to check the market for something with telemetry info providing you a signal to know when you need to alter the situation in order to keep your brain functioning in a normal zone. Maybe it is as simple of providing whether your brain wave frequency is in a theta or other desirable frequency range rather than something much higher.
    2) Avoid procrastinators for they always overstimulate the brain.
    Think you will enjoy this “love of your life” social media gathering, Kitt.

  5. Welcome! It is truly a balancing act.

  6. I LOVE the Chemistry metaphor, Kitt! Brilliant piece 🙂

  7. That’s a great plan – you’re aware going in; that’s a huge plus. XO

  8. I am all too familiar with the balancing act that is my wife’s medications. Interesting way to look at things – thanks for sharing!

  9. I’m worried about the upcoming BlogHer convention for that very reason. Got my own room and will take breaks as needed to pace myself.

  10. Yes. Thought of using balancing rocks image, but conflicted with chemical titration metaphor.

  11. Thank you, Larry. Best of luck with your published stories.

  12. Can relate. Too many times I’ve overcommitted and had to back out.

  13. Interesting. Shares things in common with a performance curve, the challenge of finding the peak…and staying there as much as possible.

  14. It’s so SO so good you’re aware of the need to titrate stimulation, Kitt!
    As you know, I wish I knew about it before last year’s Catamaran Writing Conference. I still cringe thinking of some things (nothing too bad, but still cringe-worthy) I said & did due to my hypomania that caused by “conference overstimulation”! :0000
    What did help me a great deal was having my own room (a lucky upgrade); some attendees did not have such a luxury, and my two emergency doses of Seroquel were a huge help- but the amount wasn’t enough. I’ll never travel without a full bottle again.

  15. It’s a balancing of sorts, like the rocks.. Ying and Yang of sorts.

  16. Quite a challenge but you appear to be in control, which is more than I can say for some with a similar condition. For with the arrival of summer, they cast in haste their medication to the wind! – which is as you may well know brings chaos to their existence.
    Thanks for sharing, Kitt!

  17. Such a great synopsis. Titration…perfect. ? That jumping in too soon, too deep…so many stories.

  18. I can relate to this! Great analogy to the chemical process to.

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