Narrenspiegel (Fool’s Mirror), Nördlingen, Bavaria

This admittedly amateurish attempt at April Fool’s Day poetry (yes, that’s rather heavy-handed alliteration – accept it, I like it, I’m on A roll) I originally wrote for I may not be a polished or proficient poet, but perhaps I am indeed a fool… Perhaps, just perhaps, NOW THERE ARE TWO OF US. Even more likely, now there are far more than just the two of us fools. None of us is alone in our foolishness.

I’m No April Fool

Right now I’m half brain-dead
But I’m no April fool
Didn’t always know this mind-fog
Still I’m no April fool

As I age my mind’s not quite right
Am I now an April fool?
Wait and wonder when wisdom comes
Never comes, but memories fade
I’m no April fool
Or, am I?


7 responses to “I’m No April Fool”

  1. I am not clicking like on that comment …

  2. Now for a second reply – I HATE it that I’ve forgotten how to spell SO MANY words. It is SO FRUSTRATING! When I had my most recent disability review interview I could remember only one of the three words the pdoc asked me to recall. (I think I only remembered one, maybe two. Honestly, I do not recall.) Merde. Sheisse.

  3. Avoiding alcohol is a must. I do occasionally have a glass of red wine or hard cider (because it is so yummy), but drink minimally. I am most vulnerable to the allure of alcohol when I’m around drinking family members – then, I crave it. In general, I avoid alcohol and social situations involving alcohol.

  4. What can I do about my memory and my reading, writing, spelling and grammar problems? No point me avoiding dementia and brain damage if this is permanent. I don’t drink either btw.

  5. pjcolando Avatar

    “don’t worry, be happy” – and go ahead and alliterate! I love it, too

  6. Thanks. How about senior moments? How about encroaching dementia? Hopefully not drinking alcohol will stave off any genetic predisposition to dementia. Hopefully divalproex will not have similar negative long term effects on my brain. Actually, I consider medication to be, for the most part, protective.

  7. Nope you’re not. Folie doth not a fool make.

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