Yes, I'm impulsive. I get so excited, I cannot contain it.

Okay, here’s the thing… I get stimulated in social situations. Too stimulated. Too excited. Too impulsive. I take over. Hog the floor. Talk too much. Not so good at sharing. So… can I really participate in give-and-take social situations? Can I be a member of a presentation panel and wait my turn? Can I give a presentation and then share the floor? Can I hold myself back? Can I hold my tongue? Can I limit myself? Can I do that? Honestly, I do not know if I can. It goes against my nature, or is it my illness, my symptoms? Hypomanic much? Impulsive much? Poor boundaries much? Poor social skills much? Crap.

Well, here goes… even though I raised my hand too often, and now feel terrible about it, I really did enjoy NAMI‘s Provider Education Program that I attended yesterday. My next post will be a summary of the class. Many posts today? Yes. Sorry.