Yes, I'm impulsive. I get so excited, I cannot contain it.

Okay, here’s the thing… I get stimulated in social situations. Too stimulated. Too excited. Too impulsive. I take over. Hog the floor. Talk too much. Not so good at sharing. So… can I really participate in give-and-take social situations? Can I be a member of a presentation panel and wait my turn? Can I give a presentation and then share the floor? Can I hold myself back? Can I hold my tongue? Can I limit myself? Can I do that? Honestly, I do not know if I can. It goes against my nature, or is it my illness, my symptoms? Hypomanic much? Impulsive much? Poor boundaries much? Poor social skills much? Crap.

Well, here goes… even though I raised my hand too often, and now feel terrible about it, I really did enjoy NAMI‘s Provider Education Program that I attended yesterday. My next post will be a summary of the class. Many posts today? Yes. Sorry.


10 responses to “Impulsive Much?”

  1. Working out is a great idea. I also had two cups of coffee. If I limit myself to one or even one half-caf, then I would be less amped. The workout is a good idea, especially if followed by a nice bath or shower. Maybe some centering deep breaths and physical distance. Wednesday I am observing an Ending the Silence presentation, so I can practice these techniques. I’m not to speak at all. Just observe.

  2. I think that the fact you were aware of your behavior is huge. It would be a concern if you were totally oblivious. Like others have written here, you have lots to offer, you’re eloquent, & you’re charming, empathic & super-intelligent (those 3 are from me!!!) and I could go on and on.

    Perhaps….just perhaps….before the next class you could work out a bit? Hell, maybe drink a mug of strong chamomile tea! If either of those things sound unrealistic/unappealing, you can go into the class and simply raise your hand every OTHER time that you want to do! Try something little.

    They are lucky to have you there. That’s the bottom line. Please don’t feel terrible about raising your hand too much, & give yourself a break – you went there! That’s tremendous in and of itself.
    Plus it was the first class, and enthusiasm is welcome, even ultra-enthusiasm! It’ll all work out well because you enjoyed it and that will see you through.

  3. Thank you, Patty!

  4. Oh, does this sound familiar. I am sure you were great, Kitt! You probably didn’t hog the floor but, if you did, you have lots to offer.

  5. Yes, but sometimes I have to shut up so others can speak.

  6. This looks like an amazing program. I applaud you for the hard work that you are doing for yourself. ❤️

  7. Good for you, going there took courage! I’m sure everyone thought you were intelligent and eloquent, as we all do here on WordPress!

  8. I relate to this on many levels. Hang in there, Kitt.

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