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This is my response to Blahpolar Diaries‘ post Watch “Stephen Fry on God | The Meaning Of Life | RTÉ One” on YouTube.

I love Stephen Fry, and I love his response. Why not the Greek gods? I really have no idea if divinity really exists. I do know that it is very human to look for and attribute meaning. Meaning is what I seek. Meaning is what I find. Whether or not that meaning really exists? I do not know. I question. I seek.

Now it’s your turn: What do YOU think? Please be respectful of others’ beliefs. This is a safe, loving place. Everyone needs and is due LOVE, COMPASSION, and RESPECT.


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  1. I am not an atheist, but I do like Stephen Fry’s spunk and that he freely expresses his opinion. He lives with bipolar disorder, and knows what it is like to struggle and suffer. I respect the guy, quite honestly. An open-ended question, such as you suggest, would no doubt lead to an interesting conversation with the man.

  2. When someone opens with such a critical condemnation of another person, let alone God, I would ask the question, “How would you do things differently?” Then think about the implications of the answer.

  3. How horrible! I cannot imagine what that would be like. To have committed such an atrocious crime. To live so many years with so much guilt.

  4. I like your parents already. My mother was the same – question everything, be respectful. Bizarrely, the Catholic priest who was around when I was young, was also a concentration camp gas operator – he eventually committed suicide.

  5. Right! And as long you do not deliberately hurt, offend, and kill another human being or any living thing. I wish people will just stop fighting and live peacefully.

  6. Well, I have asked some of the same questions but I believe in God. I am currently following Mooji who says a cushy life is the worst thing that could happen to us. We need to be sick, hurting, struggling to conquer the person and the ego so we can tune into what he calls the “I am”, basically the Divinity within each of us. It is possible to do though I don’t find it easy. Which is why I am doing online Satsangs with him. I will try to find you an interesting one. Interesting questions.

  7. I agree with you, too. Honestly, as long as you LOVE, you truly have FAITH, for god is love when you come down to it. We argue over ideology, over words and ideas, when we all need to give and receive love. I find reassurance knowing that I am loved and knowing that I am forgiven.

  8. I LOVED his response. I was raised to question. My parents left the Catholic church when I was very young. They were involved in the ecumenical movement until a fellow member of their church cursed my sister and I saying that we would go to hell because of the evil ecumenical activities of my parents. Ridiculous. At the time, we lived in Saudi Arabia, and my parents taught us to both respect and question beliefs and cultural practices. Respect the Koran, which we had a copy of, but question the inequal treatment of women (intellectually, not risk retribution, though we did live in an ARAMCO compound).

  9. I am a devout Catholic. I was raised in a religious way. I still have faith in God. But it is natural along the way, you think, you question. Some people wander. It is all up to oneself. We come up with different views, debate, on God, religion. For me in the end it is just FAITH. There is no concrete or one answer. Different paths, but in the end there is still a higher being, creator of everything. There is a God.

  10. Because it’s so predominantly Catholic, I think challenging Christianity in Ireland is always a good idea. Last time I was in Dublin, I saw a fairly amazing priest on that programme, calling for abusers to be dealt with. Amazing, because within living memory, the conspiracy of silence there was iron clad. points to self

    I have zero problem with anyone’s religion, but I think Mr Fry answered what he was asked. There would have been no point him pussyfooting around the subject, he’s been public about his Atheism forever.

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