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There’s hope. You can find and nurture love when living with mental illness.

Been married 22 years today. Started dating 25 years ago. Some of us living with mental illness can and do have stable relationships. Some of us need someone else in our lives. My husband and I support each other, help each other, complement each other. Plus, we made a kid, now a young adult.

Not easy. Not by any means. Stressful to love someone with mental illness or another chronic illness. Caretaking is not easy. But, it’s worth it. At least for us it has been.

Important that you express gratitude. I’m thankful for all my husband does for me and our son. Thank you, sweetheart.


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  1. Marriage might he harder than the single life. Being single, I know how to plan my day. I am responsible only to myself. Yet I have no one to talk to, sleep with, or share my life with. I am a writer, which is a solitary occupation. I am an outdoorsman too. And I go to church. On that subject, I came out of the closet today at church. I told my assistant minister I was mentally ill and another man, who has his own radio show, the same thing. As is often the case, they thought nothing of it. They treated me the same after the revelation as before it. Felt good to sing like a canary.

  2. Having a partner helps. I’m blessed to have my husband. That said, marriage is not easy.

  3. Kitt, you are doing well. I survived schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and alcoholism. I did it with close friends, family, minimum wage jobs, and a maniacal pursuit of hobbies. I write, downhill ski, hunt ducks, and fish on the Mississippi River. I play handball and review theater. Check out my blog. I envy your marriage. I have women I love but they are too young of me. It must be nice to have someone to come home to, someone to snuggle up with. I hate sleeping alone but have done it all my life. I hate doing all the thinking. I talk to myself a lot.

  4. Thank you for sharing stories!

  5. Best of luck to you…
    Come check out my new post and
    Support a shared story from a woman that lives with MS & shared a brief story of her life…

  6. Love covers a multitude 1 Peter 4:8… and simply changing how you react to something is very crucial and make or break the situation. I’m thankful for your post

  7. NAMI.org has Family-to-Family class and support groups for family members of those living with mental illness.
    TEXT “NAMI” TO 741741
    M-F, 10 AM – 6 PM ET
    Best of luck. Take care of yourself. It’s crucial that your husband get treatment. Speaking to other family members can be a tremendous support to you.

  8. How do you do it?my husband has a mental illness too, it’s driving me man.im not happy,I feel like running away

  9. Congratulations on your marriage. Thank you for the work you do to blend your families and share your experience with others. Best wishes for your marriage and blended family. God bless.

  10. This is wonderful! Congratulations! What a testament. We have a blog promoting marriage and you guys have clearly worked hard at it! https://marriedstrong.com/

  11. Congrats to you two!

  12. Thank you! You know what it’s like to love deeply.

  13. My husband and son both live with anxiety. Not easy, but at least we have compassion for each other and try to help each other out.

  14. Happy anniversary! I absolutely agree, people with a mental illness can live in a long and fulfilling relationship, (my husband and I started dating 30 years ago). Of course it can be difficult, but it’s definitely possible.

  15. We both are blessed!

  16. Happy anniversary you two! You deserve to celebrate and enjoy each other every day for the next 22 years and beyond.

  17. Congrats! My husband and I both suffer with severe anxiety and depression at times, but I’m so glad we have each other!

  18. Without a doubt. Not easy. I take my meds, go to therapy, and have an easier time of it than some.

  19. Thanks! We plan on living the rest of our lives together. Hopefully we’ll live long lives.

  20. Worth celebrating everyday. It’s very hard and to many relationships can’t handle the strain. 🙂

  21. Congratulations on so many years of being together! I hope there are many more.

  22. Christine Avatar

    Hi Kitt happy anniversary to you both hope you have many more years of happiness x

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