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Thank you, Rosh of Rose of Sharon Healing | Herbs and Healing for the Nations at, for nominating me for the Lovely Blog Award. Rosh and her husband have made Korea their home for over 10 years. She named her blog after the Rose of Sharon, Korea’s national flower. Her blog is about health and healing, for both people and nations. Her prayer is that the divided Korea will become unified in her lifetime.

Unfortunately, I have hit the award wall and have run out of clever lists of interesting tidbits to share about myself, and now find culling the many blogs I follow to nominate others exhausting. So with this thank you, I may stop accepting awards for this blog.


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  1. Thank you, Marie. I greatly appreciate it. I do not know if I will be accepting the award, as you have read, I’m all awarded out.

  2. Hey Kitt, I just read this post but I had already nominated you for another :
    no questions to ask or answer, just a thank you will do and em if you wanna pass it on?

  3. Perhaps something simpler and more elegant.
    – Excellent
    – Champion
    – Superb
    – Simply Elegant
    – Well-written

    Or, better yet, just a beautiful image with no text (must include alt text for blind, of course, describing image).

  4. Thank you very much Kitt. Hope you have a blessed day 😉

  5. I guess an award name is needed as well.
    The “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious Award”, perhaps?
    Or the “I Felt Super-Envious After Reading Your Blog” Award? 😉
    Off to work out – I’ll be thinking of other possibilities on my NordicTrack!

  6. I’m sure a bolt of lightening will strike me down for writing this, but I’d like a few awards where all I have to do is post the logo (and of course receive $ and truffles for it!)

    On second thought, what’s stopping us from creating our own awards in which we design a groovy logo, bestow it upon other worthy bloggers,and voila! Don’t we have the right at this point to discern excellent blogs and create our own peer systems? I think we do, gosh darn it, I think we do! I’m going to brainstorm about that one. I’m not artistic, but nine-year-old Avi is and she could cook up a cool logo, or Chato B. Stewart could for that matter!

  7. I may add the logo to my side bar even though I declined it just because it’s so pretty.

  8. Thanks, Laura. I considered posting the logo in my side bar even though I bowed out just because I find it beautiful. I am a sucker for beauty.

  9. Thank you, Rosh. I forgot to mention that I will keep Korea in my prayers.

  10. Thank you, Mihrank!

  11. You deserve this award! You deserve all the good blogging awards, i.e. if there’s a “Crappiest Blog Ever” Award, you don’t get to have that one! Apart from that, I totally understand how it is to hit the award wall. Good for you for recognizing it’s the right time to just say (politely & with utmost gratitude) “no”. 😉 Then again, if an award is a monetary one or one in which chocolate is granted, I would detract that decision.

  12. Congrats Kitt, you deserve it !

  13. Congrats on the award! I totally understand the not doing it all part. They are all so much alike sometimes, it is hard to come up with new posts for them.

  14. This is great Kitt! I thank you so much and I think this was a wonderful way to bow out gracefully from the whole award thing! You definitely deserve to be recognized for the Lovely Blog Award.

  15. well deserved, you are a diamond!

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