Martin Short Quote on Death

Martin Short’s wife Nancy died of cancer after almost 30 years of marriage. I love what he said about death in his AARP interview.

I believe that when people die, they zoom into the people that love them. This idea that it just ends, and don’t speak of them — that’s wrong. That’s based on denial that we’re all going to die. So to me, she’s still here. At the same time, her death emboldened me to take risks. With real tragedy, you become a little more daring. It’s the yin to the yang: the positive part of life’s dark side.

Martin Short as told to David Hochman (2019, January 31). Martin Short Says He’s Wiser With Age. Retrieved from


10 responses to “Martin Short Quote on Death”

  1. What a fascinating quote and attitude to death. Very touching and have to agree with every word.

  2. i like Martin Short. Good quote.

  3. Thank you, Robert!

  4. Me, too, obviously. Totally positive take on death, grief, and love. We carry on the love.

  5. I know. Read it while waiting to see my psychiatrist Thursday morning. Took a photo of it, then found it on the web. Easier than transcribing it, plus love citing web pages. The geek in me is all about online access.

  6. Great quote, Kitt. Thanks.

  7. I agree! ❤️

  8. That’s a fabulous quote. Thanks for sharing.

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