Hypomanic to Exhausted
This week I’ve been completely exhausted. Twice I forgot to take my mood stabilizer at night. The first time, I didn’t realize it until late the next afternoon – too late to take my missed dose. The next time I realized it the following morning and immediately took the previous night’s dose.
I became hypomanic due to the first error, publishing three (or more?) posts on Sunday. The second mishap compounds the first and explains why I feel like I’m dragging myself through molasses this week.
Although I’m physically exhausted, I cannot fall asleep without taking sleep meds, resorting to twice my prescribed dose (which my psychiatrist okayed in the past – it’s still a reasonable dose). When I’m stable I do not have to take meds to fall asleep.
Oh, and Friday my husband and I attended our next door neighbors’ daughter’s quinceañera, which was lovely, but probably threw me off. Social stimulation triggers my mood cycling.


  1. […] the creator the PillRite four week pill management system, for responding to my post about forgetting to take my medication by giving me a PillRite. Like many of us, Mary Ann Andrews struggles with a chronic illness […]

  2. Yep. Just want to be waiting on hand and foot right now. So wiped out. Ordered Chinese food to be delivered b/c not up to anything else.

  3. Mine’s been a few weeks and I am still not stable…though I do feel better today thankfully.

  4. Thank you!

  5. I do that a lot. Sometimes I forget to take my meds, and I don’t realize it until I start feeling sick later. I get withdrawal symptoms fast! Meds are a pain in the butt sometimes.

  6. Thanks! I go read it now. Retweeted a couple of your recent posts.

  7. Sorry to hear that. Good thing Tuesday is coming up. Hope you can hold on until then. I’ll keep you in my thoughts and prayers. God bless you.

  8. Glad to hear. Good luck.

  9. It is annoying, but missing my meds did a number on me and it’s getting worse rather than better.

  10. I don’t if missing them messed me up or they are just not working anymore. See the med nurse on Tuesday.

  11. Thank you. Won’t help that saw last night’s dose still in the weekly pill box this morning. Took the Depakote in the AM. Hoping for the best.

  12. It’s strange but I’m not fond of the phone either unless there’s a specific reason for the call. I guess I had too many jobs that entailed speaking a lot of the phone for too many years… Diane

  13. hugs Hope it evens out soon. <3<3

  14. Yikes! I hope to nip this in the bud.

  15. Yes. I used to do that. But I hate notifications, and hate phones. Experience both as intrusions. So I stopped.

  16. Good idea. I did that for a while years ago, but it started to annoy me. Might be time to start using my phone to remind me again.

  17. Thank you, Diane. Yes, distraction gets in the way. Honestly, I cannot be in the bathroom at the same time as my husband, nor can he speak to me.

  18. Feel your pain and frustration. Once again woke up to find last night’s meds still in my weekly pill box. Crap. Took them, but still.

  19. Kitt, I hope you get back to feeling like your normal self. I missed taking my meds before, and it put me in a vicious cycle for 6 months.

  20. Great idea. I don’t know if my phone has it but I can put an alert on my calendar… Diane

  21. AS someone told me when I missed all my psych meds for 2 days, set my alarm on my smart phone if I had one, which I do and which I did and no more forgetting.

  22. Remembering to take the meds and at the right time are sometimes difficult for me too. I get distracted. One I’m taking twice a day for extreme fatigue during the day, likely related to my M.S. and then one for sleeping…. or I just don’t sleep… Hope things settle for you Kitt… Diane

  23. I did it a couple of weeks ago and now I am definitely not stable anymore. Not sure what is going on ,but hate the thought of doing the medication seeking waltz.

  24. Ach, hope your boat stops rocking soon and you can continue with smooth sailing. All the best…

  25. Thanks. Will do.

  26. Good that you are sleeping. That will keep the mania in check. Sorry to hear that your medical center is unresponsive.

  27. Take it easy, Kitt, it’s always about balance. ❤️

  28. I have two organizers on my bathroom counter and still screw up on occasion.

  29. Thanks! Next week is Mental Health Awareness Week and NAMIWalks Orange County and the Gathering for Mental Health and the Church. Big week.

  30. I have seen how missing critical meds can throw you into a nasty cycle. Wishing you a very quiet and refreshing weekend!

  31. Thank you. Cycling sucks. Mood cycling, that is. Bicycling can be quite enjoyable.

  32. Well, until medicine comes up with better treatment, I live best when medicated properly.

  33. Me, too. Thanks.

  34. Uff, take care x May you get your rest soon x

  35. Hope you reach stability soon.
    I’ve been hypomanic for about two weeks. The psych has doubled my Geodon, no change. We’ll see what he does next on Monday (or if I’m lucky today, but they’re not very responsive at my mental health center) I’ve been able to sleep, so I’ve been sleeping 10-12 hours a day, I think that’s damping it a bit, but the mania’s still going strong…

  36. Hope you are feeling better. Such a tough illness to manage.

  37. That’s rough! Occasionally I’ve forgotten to take my Effexor at bedtime. By the next afternoon I’m a blithering idiot. Finally I bought one of those little organizers and so far I’ve not had an issue with forgetting. It sits right on the bathroom counter so I have to reach over it to get to my toothbrush.
    Hope you feel better soon!

  38. I hope it stabilizes itself soon and you have a better week coming up!

  39. If I am pushed too far, no matter how tired I am, it almost always results in insomnia. Which perpetuates mania, then more insomia until I finally collapse. And this all happens without missing a dose of meds. My heart is with you during this cycle!

  40. Hmmm, I hate relying on pills for my health. Something just doesn’t seem right, somehow? May it become right for you …! Cheers Jamie.

  41. I hope things settle down and you feel better!

  42. Yes. Sleep is key to mental and physical health.

  43. I have no idea. Soon I hope.

  44. Erg I forgot to take the whole fistful one night this week. I’m usually pretty good though.
    I, however, have the same problem with the sleeping. I’ll be laying down, completely exhausted, and be unable to sleep at all. My pdoc and therapist have both been working on it as sleep is that first cause to a downward slide.
    I thought you posted a lot recently! 🙂

  45. Hope everything settles soon. How long will it take to go back to the status quo once the meds kick in?

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