My Response to Laura A. Lord’s “Of Roots and Wreckage”

of roots and wreckage cover

My Response to Laura A. Lord‘s Of Roots and Wreckage

Answering the call of Laura Lord’s poetry
I write not as a poet
For I have not Lord’s skill nor gift
But in response to her words moving mine
That, in itself, is testimony to how her words transport me
Her words take me to places I’ve never been
To experiences I’ve never had
But most of all
Her words move me to write in verse
Rather than in sentences and paragraphs
Perhaps there is no greater compliment
Than to say she inspires me
With her use of language
To hone my own

If only I could tell a story
As well as she does
Oh, well

By the way
I’m absolutely thrilled that she quoted me on her cover
I’ve read ALL of her books


3 responses to “My Response to Laura A. Lord’s “Of Roots and Wreckage””

  1. That’s so cool!!!! 🙂

  2. I know. I was blown away when I saw the cover of her book!

  3. That’s awesome she quoted you! Woohoo… Superstar! Have a lovely day! Koko 🙂

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