Following up on the article I reblogged about parenting while living with mental illness, here are a few great resources:


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  1. I hear ya! She doesn’t post often, but still, my friend, I hear ya!!!!!

  2. I was “following” her on WP, but I never check the WP Reader b/c following too many blogs, so just added her to my email list. Still, follow too many blogs via email. Overwhelming number of blogs to read. I cannot read them all. Only a small fraction. And, I may have to reduce that number to spend less time commenting and more time writing.

  3. You are most welcome. Best of luck, Vic.

  4. You are most welcome.

  5. As a parent I greatly appreciate this list! There’s an interesting blog called “Crazy Good Parent” and its creator Janice frequently asks for readers’ contributions on a variety of topics.

  6. Great resources, thanks for posting!

  7. Thanks for the resources, Kitt!

  8. Thank you for this=]

  9. Wow, I’m honored. I will email you. Thank you.

  10. Kitt – I am very convinced after reading your materials, articles, post. This is a great opportunity to raise the concerns to a live network. I pledge to you to help you. Please re-sent your email address to me,



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