Playing with MailChimp. Not Writing.

Am I Writing? Nope. I'm playing with MailChimp. From Me To You.
What have I been doing all day? Working hard on my memoir? Fleshing out memories I’ve jotted down on a yellow legal pad and in emails to myself? Editing Chapter One with feedback I’ve been given? Starting my rough draft of Chapter Two?
No. Not even close.
Instead, I’ve created a popup to annoy you. I mean, to let you sign up for my spanking new email list. Honestly, I have no idea how I’ll use the list. Steep learning curve today.
Signing up for MailChimp, I realized that I have to provide a public mailing address. Not wanting to give my home address out to the public, I rented a mailbox (aka “Suite”) at a local business. With that new mailing address, I updated my California Marriage and Family Therapist license address online, further protecting my privacy (you all know how very private I am).
Next, I set up G Suite for my domain, so I can send emails from, rather than use my personal email. Headaches in getting Google verifications, again and again for variations of my URL.
Then more headaches in designing my MailChimp popup — going through multiple iterations, until I was happy with the formatting of both the mobile and desktop popups.
Did the popup work when you visited my site? Did it annoy you? Want to sign up? Please…


14 responses to “Playing with MailChimp. Not Writing.”

  1. Thanks! Haven’t even used MailChimp yet!

  2. I feel exactly the same way about mailchimp and all of the other business related things I have to do! Thank you for articulating my thoughts so beautifully!

  3. Thanks. Don’t feel obligated to sign up. Decided to make popup subtle and unobtrusive.

  4. I eventually visited the site on my desktop, and the popup showed up then, so I signed up.

  5. I think it shows up just the first time you visit, so as not to annoy. Maybe I’ll see if I can change that.

  6. Hi, Kitt! The pop up worked on mobile, but I didn’t sign up then because I figured I could sign up on my laptop, but apparently the popup doesn’t work on my laptop for some reason. I don’t have a popup blocker as far as I know! Sorry I can’t be of more help! I’ll sign up on mobile.

  7. Thanks for the feedback. I’ll play the the design. Maybe my Celtic logo is too small for the pop up.

  8. Thanks! No obligation to sign up. Writers of books recommend developing an email list and sending newsletters or freebies.

  9. The stylized T’s in Kitt, appear like small case c’s … otherwise good? BTW a pink or contrasting background to the GIF would be nice. Cheers Jamie

  10. You’re very fancy, Kitt! I’m impressed. I didn’t sign up 🙁 I’m a bad blog reader. I will sign up next time 😀 I’m so impressed with everything you did, very tecchie!!

  11. Signed up, too. Worked beautifully, so at least it was worth your work.

  12. I signed up!! It worked smoothly from my end. Nice! At least you were very productive today. Tomorrow hopefully you will return to writing….you’ve been doing a great job so keep the momentum going.

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