Kitt O'Malley walks to smash stigma against those of us living with mental illness #namiocwalker
Please support me and team STIGMA SMASHERS as we walk 5K for NAMIWalks Orange County 2016. NAMI Orange County has been instrumental in my mental health recovery.
NAMI Peer-to-Peer introduced me to the concept of mental health recovery and gave me HOPE. I volunteer as a Provider Education presenter and just trained to become an In Our Own Voice public speaker to share my story of mental health recovery.
NAMIWalks provides NAMI Orange County with 1/3 of their operating budget, enabling them to offer free mental health educational programs, meetings and support groups.

 join team stigma smashers

NAMIWalks Orange County

Saturday, October 1st
Check in: 9:00 AM
Start time: 10:30 AM
William R. Mason Park
18712 University Drive
Irvine, CA 92612

Thank you for your support!


18 responses to “Please Support Me – #NAMIOCWalker – Thanks!”

  1. No problem. Beside, you do not live here. You do more than enough as a mental health advocate and educator by sharing your story and others’ stories. Thank you for that.

  2. If I were not so tight for money I would do more. I hate being so…not rich…

  3. Thank you SO much!

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    Support Kitt O’Malley and team Stigma Smashers in the NAMI walk.

  5. Men are not inherently evil. My husband and son are not evil. Everyone, male and female, can love and can hate. As individual humans, we must choose love.

  6. No male supporters yet? Because all men are evil, quoting from Bible. And they are not ashamed, quoting myself.

  7. Thank you so much! Any amount counts. Would love it if everyone who could and wanted to donated the minimum amount.

  8. Stigma Fighters rock, too! Their is a NAMIWalks OC Stigma Fighters team this year. Not sure if they are affiliated with An essay of mine was published in’s first anthology.

  9. Just did it – wish I could donate more! You rock!

  10. It’s cool, pretty much everyone does that and we still are the best

  11. All women supporters.

  12. I will definitely donate over the next few days. You know you can count on me! I’m proud of you for participating and for taking on such a worthwhile endeavor! Xoxo

  13. I love NAMI and I love you! Smash the stupid stigma!

  14. Hufsa, I screwed up my emails, typing Stigma Fighters in the first paragraph & Stigma Smashers at the end! Oops! Oh, well…

  15. We will support and do all our efforts to bring success..

  16. STIGMA SMASH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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