Wonderful Readership Award

I am no longer accepting awards, but I will thank Marie Abanga at marieabanga.com for nominating me for the Wonderful Team Member Readership Award. Marie is a fellow mental health advocate and author of My Unconventional Loves: My Hurts, My Adulteries, My Redemption.


11 responses to “Thank you, Marie”

  1. You are already signed up. The work we do, we do as both individuals and as members of a larger allliance — without a doubt we write for peace and awareness.

  2. Yes… a PEACE and AWARENESS alliance!! Sign me up!! LOVE IT!!

  3. Thank you.One of the benefits of having only one child is that I have a simpler calendar. For many parents the schedule diffference is necessary so that they can get from one school to the other. I actually think that is why school districts stagger them that way. It can get pretty hot sitting in a car, unless, of course, you are sitting in the shade of redwood trees.

  4. Thank you. Stigma and ignorance are terrible things and result in harm. I am so sorry that you were hurt by insensitive and ignorant people. Hopefully, in working together we can overcome stigma, ignorance, hatred, and bullying.

  5. Congrats Kitt. Like you, I will accept them but do not play it forward. It takes a lot of energy and detracts from the blogging.

  6. Thank you, Vic. That I accept.

  7. Congratulations, Kitt!

  8. Since you are no longer accepting our awards, how about our thanks for your awesome posts?!?

  9. Okay, I’d write a really long comment but this is the time of day (1:37 p.m.) where my energy level plummets downhill. I have to schlep back out and pick up new 2nd grader Rilla at 2:15 p.m. and get this: wait with her until 3:00 p.m. to pick up 4th grader Avi!!!! I used to get them both at 2:15, so I’m not wild about this total change. I guess I’ll do homework with Rils whilst we wait for big sis.

    In the past when I felt so blahhhhhh as I do now, I’d break my own rule of no coffee after 12 p.m., and I’d sometimes drink a little coffee or eat “some” cookie dough (i.e. almost the entire package – yep, I was a bad dog!), but I’m toughing it out today.

    I’m staying away from the 5th food group I invented five minutes ago titled:
    Caffeinesugarfat. (It could be a good band name.)

    Now that I got that out of my system, although you are no longer accepting awards, I wish you a hearty congratulations all the same, Kitt!

    It’s well-deserved!

  10. Awareness is key when it comes to mental health disorders. I’ve been called every name in the book because of my anxiety disorders, and it freaking hurts. If these people knew how badly it hurt, I’m sure they wouldn’t say it. It’s just as bad as “Get over it already.” Um… if only it were that simple. Glad to see there are people out there advocating for mental health. I know quite a few people who need to be educated. Congrats on the award!!

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