Thank you so much for all your support
Thank you everyone who supported me Saturday for NAMIWalks. I raised over $1,500. The team I walked with, the Stigma Smashers, raised over $9,000.
Unfortunately, I started to feel weak and dizzy. Being fair-skinned and freckled, I am naturally sensitive to the sun and heat. My medication exacerbates my heat sensitivity. Saturday hit a high of 99°F in Irvine. I had to sit in the shade, go home, hydrate, and sleep to recuperate.


  1. Thank you, Mihran.

  2. Kitt, well done and deserved… Thank you means it lot to us…Continue to shine!

  3. Thank you, Robert. Not sure when I will respond. I usually respond that I no longer accept awards (or challenges), but gratitude is important.

  4. Hello,
    I’ve nominated you for the “Be Thankful” Challenge. If you accept you will find the details here:

  5. Thank you, Sheri.

  6. Congratulations Kitt! Good job!

  7. Of course!

  8. Congratulations on raising so much!

  9. Thank you, Dy, for your continued support!

  10. What an awesome result! Congrats to you – all that hard work paying off.

  11. Wow that is hot! I am glad you did so well! congrats!

  12. I was proud to donate to the NAMI-Walk in your name, my wonderful friend – you did a FABULOUS job in raising over $1500 (!!!!), but I’m so sorry you and others were affected by the awful heat. I’m relieved you’re okay and I decree that you take it extra-easy this week. Love you!

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