The Clay Hunt SAV Act Passed! Thank Your Members of Congress!

The Clay Hunt SAV Act Passed! Thank Your Members of Congress!

Thank you for your mental health advocacy! Thank you for contacting your Senators and Congressmen to make your voice heard. Thank you for your support of suicide prevention for our military and veterans community.

Your phone calls, emails and tweets helped to pass the Clay Hunt Suicide Prevention for American Veterans (SAV) Act unanimously through both the Senate and the House. The bill is now on its way to be signed by President Obama.

Among other things the Clay Hunt SAV Act requires an annual assessment of mental health care and suicide prevention programs at the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) and implements a pilot loan forgiveness program for psychiatrists that agree to serve in the VA.

Now, please pass the thanks along to your Senators and Congressmen.

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10 responses to “The Clay Hunt SAV Act Passed! Thank Your Members of Congress!”

  1. It really bothers me that our government likes to fool the people into believing they are honestly doing good when in fact, if money hasn’t been found to sponsor the program, then under the rules and regulations of the sequester, the program won’t happen.

  2. Well that’s unfortunate. No, I was not aware of the fact that there was no funding attached. Oh, brother.

  3. Kitt – I’m thankful this passed however, are you aware there’s no provision in the new budget for the voucher program for veterans that congress passed and our Prez promised during the hectic campaigning last Nov. We won’t know if the Prez will sign this new bill until such time as he does and then we don’t know if there will be funding in the new budget. Congress is getting kudos for something they didn’t find the money for at the present time. Legislation is truly important when we attach the funding to it. This legislation is important in that it educates the public to the need for the services but it doesn’t educate the public about the lack of funding and the possibility that it may never happen. No one ever talks about those bills that fall flat.

  4. Veterans need suicide prevention services. The statistics are sobering. We owe it to them.

  5. I’m just passing on NAMI’s message. They and a consortium of groups worked hard for this. I’m simply a minion blogger passing on their advocacy messages that I get by email.

  6. Another step towards making mental health treatment more mainstream!

  7. I am so glad! I know that you have worked hard for this.

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