This Flu Really Sucks

My husband, son and I are sick with a flu that has lingered, waxing and waning since before Christmas. Now it has hit my son and me particularly hard. My husband has been dragging himself to work in spite of continued symptoms. To top it off, my laptop is sick with malware, so it has an appointment with the Geek Squad this afternoon. I’ll probably be falling behind on my Blogging 101 assignments for the time being. Oh, in case a certain someone reads this post, smoothies are not the answer. Anything but chicken soup, frozen pops, saltines and electrolyte beverages are not welcome.


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  1. Thank you, Indah!

  2. Gosh, how terrible..I hope you three get better by now. Best wishes!

  3. Thank you. I’m feeling well enough to type again.

  4. Hope you’re all feeling better

  5. Thank you for the tip Kitt! I’m drinking so much fluids I feel like a fish!

  6. Wishing you, your six year old (if she’s still sick), and your twin babies a quick recovery! God bless.

  7. Thank you. Sounds delish.

  8. You don’t need no deli to make de yummy matzo balls! Any yuppie grocery (whole foods, trader Joe’s, etc) Will have matzo meal, recipe on the box. Or even if they just have matzo, I just crunch up a few, put in a plastic bag, and roll over it with a rolling pin (wine bottle works well as a stand-in) till it’s pretty fine. One cup matzo meal, one tbsp oil in which a small handful of finely minced onions has been fried, (onions with it), chicken broth to make consistency for balls (one cup for medium, a little more if you want extra fluffy), one egg beaten, salt & pepper to taste, cover the bowl & refrigerate one hour. Meanwhile get your soup broth piping hot and with wet hands form the balls. They will puff up twice their original size so take that into consideration when making them. Place them gently on top of your broth which should be just below the boil. Cover the pot, and in 15 mins open and turn the balls over so they get soupy on the other side. In another 15 minutes take one out and test for doneness. Also enjoy the blissful yumminess.

    It really only takes ten minutes to make the balls. No rocket science, and no MSG when you make them yourself! Any Jewish Bubby worth her salt can make these in her sleep.

  9. Ohh so sorry! My six year old (who was vaccinated, but caught it none the less) brought it home on her first vacation day for Christmas break and it spread to the babies and me over the course of a month! God bless you with a speedy recovery!

  10. If it’s gone to your lungs, you might need antibiotics. My son has a secondary sinus infection and is now on antibiotics for it.

  11. My husband is doing the care-taking. My mom has lymphoma, so we keep our distance from her when we are sick.

  12. What I could really go for is matzo ball soup, but no good local Jewish deli. Canter’s Deli in LA makes a great one, but too far away.

  13. I’ve got something that is lingering too. It’s gotten into my lungs! Bah! Being sick is the pits! I’m trying to sleep as much as I can…but my new puppy says NO! Well wishes to you and family to get better soon!

  14. They’re dropping like flies out there! Flu flies! I hope there are lots of Nanas and best friends taking care of you and your family.

  15. Oh no! I’m so sorry to hear. I was just reading an article in one of my medical journals that said that this year’s flu virus is so protean that it only managed to help 26% of recipients (I was one of the ones that suffered through both the flu shot AND the flu 🙁 ). It has taken me around 6 weeks to emerge from this…developed bacterial pneumonia as a complication, watch out for that one! For all you “raw foodies/smoothies” people: Hot liquids only!!! Cold things cause shock to the stomach, using precious energy to warm back up and causing the stomach lining to produce mucus, further gumming up the system. Raw foods are horribly difficult for the body to digest when ill. “Live foods” like kimchee are fine, as they are already “digested” by fermentation….but make sure they are AT LEAST room temperature so they don’t shock your stomach. No, I will not stand down from my Ayurvedic/Oriental Medicine soap box!

    Rock on with the chicken soup and Saltines, Kitt! I’m on your page with that one too 🙂

    Sending healing thoughts from your fan the Wounded Healer <3

  16. I so empathize Kitt …My husband and I have been sick too… Hope you’re all well soon….. Diane

  17. I miss working out. I miss eating something aside from saltines and soup.

  18. Healing prayers for you and your loved ones. Get better soon!

  19. Get better soon, my friend. Good thoughts and prayers have been sent for your health and that of your family.

  20. Sending you my love and hopes for speedy healing! I miss nagging you to work out! 😉

  21. We have an annual plan with Geek Squad. Recommend it.

  22. There is a flu epidemic here (Tokyo) too 🙁
    I sincerely wish for you and your family a full recovery soon.

  23. Feel better Kitt! prayers!

  24. Feel better. Sending heal vibes and prayers.

  25. So sorry to hear you are sick along with your son. I have to say I totally disagree with your commenter that told you that you might as well be sick since January is kind of a dismal month anyway. In my opinion, no one should ever have to be sick. I know we are all sick from time to time and we do our best to stay well. It’s tough not feeling well, and it’s even worse when you have a chronic condition. Additionally, many conditions going on for weeks and not letting up are being discovered to not be the flu. You might want to check with your doc. Take good care of yourself.

  26. It can be so stressful to have the entire family sick…then tack on computer issues, sheesh!! Take care and get better. Don’t let Geek Squad charge you hundreds of dollars for what is a pretty straightforward fix (especially of it is basic malware).

  27. I’m so sorry you guys are sick. Feel better soon!

  28. I hope you guys feel better soon.

  29. Hope you feel better!

  30. Hope you’re soon feeling better. Be gentle with yourself. Sue

  31. Strength to you.

  32. The laptop has flu too 🙁

    I really hope you all recover thoroughly and soon.

  33. No I have a friend who recommended I include smoothie recipes on my Facebook page and insisted he wasn’t joking. I’m no lifestyle or recipe blogger. Nor do I ever intend to be.

  34. Good wishes for health for all in your household!!
    My husband has been sick with pneumonia since Thanksgiving and then the flu since Christmas and in October we were both sick with stomach flu for a full two weeks.
    It has been a horrible fall– sounds like for you, too. I was going to write and tell you that I am still fighting it and just cannot keep up with all you do but I thank you for your tweets, and posts, etc. I am barely able to get a picture together to post weekly. And you have so much on your plate. I wish you all wellness and good health!!!
    P.S. Hope I am not the smoothie proponent.

  35. Hope you all feel better. I’ve had a lingering head cold since Dec 29th! Mostly gone now and my symptoms were not severe; maybe it was the flu (but I had a shot). I hope your laptop gets healed quickly!! January is kind of a dismal month anyway, so might as well be sick!

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