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Originally written October 2015, a month before my mother had her stroke, before my life changed. Still settling into my new normal.

How do I describe myself? How do I best describe my blog? What has my blog become? What direction do I want to take it?
What direction is my life taking? Is my writing taking? Is my (dare-say) art or photography taking?
Back in the 90s when I registered my first corporate URL, I knew that some day, some year, some decade, I would register the URL kittomalley.com. I knew that I wanted to post my writing online.
I never envisioned kittomalley.com as a community. Didn’t realize that I’d be conversing with others. Never imagined what it has become.


7 responses to “Where Am I Going Now?”

  1. Thank you for your comments, chatty is just fine with me. Been stable, actually, as far as bipolar disorder is concerned.

  2. I agree with your response to Jess, Kitt. Your priorities are correct and seem to align with a post response I provided you several months ago with non-Euclidean geometry. Somehow through dealing with your family affairs, you have shown your ability + potential to deal with a specific situation, even though sometimes you appeared to be dragging your feet. You have hit a super milestone with your IOOV presentation. Think your “new normal” will be additional milestones. Look forward to reading your future posts. Enjoy the opportunity to comment, even though sometimes it may seem like chit chat.
    Hopefully research breakthroughs will provide some better treatment possibilites to lessen your swings in the near future.
    Great creativity with your image of duality sets.
    God Bless + Namaste.

  3. Thank you & God bless.

  4. I am sorry for the turn your life has taken. It sure has contributed to your knowing who you are in good ways and in ways you seem to want to challenge. You’re doing a good job, Kit 😀 Keep breathing!

  5. Thanks, Jess. I’m pretty sure that mental health is my purpose. Mothering my son and loving him and my husband are my highest purposes. Caring for my parents is a new purpose for me, but I’ve delegated daily physical care to memory care facilities.

  6. It’s 5:00 p.m. and it’s “only” 100 degrees (it was 105 yesterday) so yours truly has a fried brain. (We don’t have AC…..) Poor Lucy, she of the ultra-thick fur. Of course she has found the coolest part in the house to hang out.
    On a brighter and cooler note, you’re truly multi-talented. The kittomalley.com blog is an enormously helpful resource to so many people. It has become quite the community in the relatively short time I’ve been a devoted part of it.
    To quote Karen Carpenter, you’ve “only just begun”. You’ve accomplished a great deal in the past year despite enormous challenges and grief with your parents’ situation and other family matters. You’re truly amazing, and this blog reflects that.

  7. You’ll find your purpose Kitt. I’m glad you’re here. Keep doing what you do best.

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