Mystic Bipolar Crazy Bitch in permanent marker font on forehead of selfie showing eyes & forehead

Who am I really?
Mystic bipolar
Crazy bitch
Compassionate healer
Mental health advocate
Creative, passionate, intelligent
Wife and mother
Living purposefully
That purpose unfolds daily
As I parent my son
As I write, as I blog
As I connect with others
As I share mental health resources
As I dip my toe into volunteer work
Honestly, though, I’m a diva
Who belongs on stage
Preaching her message
For all to hear


24 responses to “Who Am I Really?”

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  3. Gladly, Kitt 🙂

  4. Thank you, Angie!

  5. Diva has a ring to it 😀 Hope your summer finishes strong!

  6. And I thought you were going to take a break. Glad you didn’t.
    You are all of it. Which is awesome in all its definitions.

    I had a therapist once who told me I had three choices. I could be crazy, dead or a mystic. I eventually tried all of them, but she was wrong about those being the only choices.

  7. I will have a teen age girl one day, so I hope she will have the decency to stop and sit with you waiting for you to combobulate. So many people just have no compassion, where it should be natural to feel for a human in pain.

  8. Thank you, Gertie.

  9. How horrible that those thoughtless girls laughed at you.

  10. Wish, I could be a brilliant writer like you. You have a way with words many are able to connect with.

  11. Candid, brutal, wonderful !! ☺

  12. So very true! When I had an eating disorder people would look at me like I had lobsters crawling out of my ears. Of course most teen-aged girls would kill to be as thin as I was. However, your list is applicable to so many illnesses. I have epilepsy and had a seizure at the mall. Some teen-age girls walked by just laughing as I sat there trying to get re-combobbulated. People who do not know the facts are cruel and thoughtless.

  13. Thank you, Mariah!

  14. I like your list and respect you and your work for non-descrimination toward those with mental illness. Ignorant people are cruel and thoughtless when they discover a weakness, which I consider a strength.

  15. Mariah Warren Avatar
    Mariah Warren

    Yes, you do belong on stage, Kitt! Keep on sharing your diva-self.

  16. “Who am I really?” — A question I think we all need to ask ourselves. It can help us to step back and take a look at the real us. It is even better when a friend compiles such a list about you.

    A very positive list! I like it.

  17. I love how honest you are. Make no apologies – keep it real, I love it!!!!

  18. Crazy bitch? Are you serious? You must not know many crazies if you think you are one of them.

  19. You are an amazing woman with an incredible story to share!

  20. Preach on!

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