Tired Collage
Photos taken & poem written October 2015. It’s that season again…


Not thinking clearly
Not able to complete sentences
Not able to answer direct questions
Fumbling with language
With spoken language
With what I hear
With what I read
So sleepy
Feared falling asleep
Driving to doctor’s office
Door locked
Looked at calendar
Over an hour early
Went back to parked car
Overlooking hill of eucalyptus
Enjoyed view
Tolerated gardeners
Noisy leaf blowers
Those things should be illegal
Wish I had slept
That extra hour
Though not sure
It would have helped
Seems there’s no refilling
This empty tank
No overcoming
This fatigue right now
Seasonal and situational
Wait it out?
Not sure


9 responses to “Worn Out”

  1. I wrote this in 2015, but our whole family is sick with GI bug and this piece fits.

  2. ? Love this post, Kitt. There is beauty in your poetic phrases. Will try to put in the proper scientific perspective. There were two recent Nobel prizes in physics and medicine:
    2017 Nobel Prize in Physics Awarded to LIGO Black Hole Researchers
    The Real Message of the 2017 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine.
    This somewhat Spring and Fall Equinox thing you experience when you are Exhausted seems related too some sort of biological rhythm with your bipolor disorder. Do not know what quarks are in your body, but think it is the possible cause along with your gravitational waves. Getting down to the root element, it is essentially related to “proteins” or the DNA paired markers (A,G,C,T) over 20+K human domain with over 80 billion neurons in the brain. It is very difficult to correct this situation with empirical chemical equation pharmaceutical medications (oxygen, nitrogen, carbon, hydrogen). Rather than go any further, it would be best I use Einstein’s disclaimer: “If you cannot explain it to a six year old, you do not understand it yourself”.
    Hope you will feel better soon. God Bless + Namaste !!!

  3. Sorry you’re not feeling well. I used to get sick (both kinds) in October routinely. It hasn’t happened for a few years now but I understand your miseries. Hope things get better for you soon!

  4. Sleep seems indicated. I hope that is all it takes for you to feel better.

  5. Dearest Kitt, I’ve been sick for a week and this poem also describes how I feel.
    I get sick every October without fail. This year I said it was going to be different. I started doing what I could to prevent getting the bug, i.e. taking a fancy anti-cold supplement, yadda yadda yadda, yet I became ill.
    My husband has a 100% stronger immune system than I do.
    Thank God we both don’t get these awful colds easily, but (whine whine whine) it’s not fair!
    p.s. This is my favorite stanza – it’s so perfect!!!!
    “Seems there’s no refilling
    This empty tank
    No overcoming
    This fatigue right now”

  6. Thank you, Mark!

  7. Follow your heart…if she is exhausted, then let her rest. If she is excited, then let her be alive <3
    But most of all, just accept being you, it will help reduce your inner struggles. Just look at the poem above Kitt, in the throes of exhaustion you can still weave magic 😀

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