#AtoZChallenge: G is for #GirlsRock (an Interview with Mental Health Care Advocate Kitt O'Malley

Eli Pacheco, Coach Daddy, interviewed me for his #AtoZchallenge, G is for #GirlsRock post. Thank you, Eli! Eli rocks, too.


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  2. I am sorry that you are not getting a compassionate response for what you are experiencing right now.

  3. I got both of your comments and wish you the best. I hope that you did get in touch with your doctor and get the support you need now.
    When stigma prevents compassion or getting proper treatment, it’s tragic and can be life threatening. Mental instability can lead to dangerous behavior.

  4. Thank you, Cassandra!

  5. , well don’t know if comment posted or taken the point my hubby doesn’t get is the person who is a Survivor from skills learned to avoid trauma stay with you forever my therapist of twenty years has helped me work thru what I can from the past and Survivors are determined to overcome and will do everything in there brain/gut/God gives them. They don’t back down or if beat down like my past and Chrinic Lyme has beaten me down and now I walking this week after three years in bed Am I a mirical Na It’s in me to protect and find a way out and today a knee jerk can come from trauma long after, no concept of PTSD. Another headline I thought of for another post is what stigma do you, husband, family, police or others who have STIGMA about XXXXX I realized some time ago my own stigmas and we have them even when we are mentally ill, aussumtions make an ass out of you and me is what I hear growing up but stigmas are buried very deep and we may not pick up on our own Stigma. Wow I can sure talk, if you’re five hours late on Xanax like I am you act differ it’s not always me wiggling out and I need to rush call doc and freak At 53 I’ve learned a few things

  6. Hi kit either my keyboard is sticking or my stalker is having fun
    I have several resources you may have already great resource even if read head line American assosiation of counselors? FRee CE!!!!!!M
    PLease send an em to survivorsbloghere.verizon.net. I’m locked out of cloud Keyboard or STALKER??????? Documenting to see if they know I stopped by today, working on suspect list. Last week 2 fire trucks and 4 police pulled a gun on me when trying to help with STALKER talking to me in the Bubble message STIGMA woman police she had hand on gun help jumped out and kept telling me I was Skitzo!!!!!! Said I was diaognosed wrong What are Police trained about Mental Illness and they are not doctors. She told all even fire dept to step back I’m not stable! NO I had a Psychotic Breack from dying, three hours late on Xanax, had no water, hot outside, I was in shirt and panties I’m filling a complaint to make a point of the stigma and how the PLANO treated me at 3:00PM neighbor saw the sentences I had written being deleted and other message sending trying to scare me. Twenty years ago I was STALKED and have learned a lot at 53, going thru list of possibilities could be Stalker or someone who HACKED my neighborhood WIFI looking at a sides. Started same day as Twitter HACK but they said had followed me since late last year. Gotta go dog is wanting out!!!!! Let’s see what the stalker knows that a smart or expert neighbor HAck

  7. Paladin Avatar

    Agree with Dyane. Your advocacy and message has reached a new level, Kitt.
    Enjoyed reading traditional Lakota (Sioux) Indian folklore (legends) recently. This interview provided authenticity.
    ?? ?Happy Easter??? to you & family, Geeky Mental Health Care Advocate.

  8. Oh just saw that the rest of the post is already available! Amazing interview 🙂

  9. Can’t wait for this!

  10. Congratulations on your interview, Kitt! You both did a good job.

  11. Awesome interview! :))))

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