Quick video update as I run errands and juggle caring for my mom, dad and son. Don’t forget I’m married and live with bipolar disorder. Thank God I’m holding it together so far.

Video Transcript

Okay, folks, so here’s the deal. It is Thursday. My mom had a stroke… hmm… probably three weeks ago, maybe the Friday (sigh) before Thanksgiving, and uh… or two weeks… I don’t know. I lost track… a week before Thanksgiving.
It’s a week after Thanksgiving right now. I’m exhausted.
My sister and I have been tag-teaming and teaming to take care of our parents. Just drove my sister to the airport. Said goodbye. She’s going back to her family who need her.
And I just went shopping for some things for my mom to help her with her stroke recovery. You know, crossword puzzles not that should be able to do them yet. But to reminder her of what she used to do she’s a big crossword puzzle player. Different pens. I wanted to get some connect the dots, and we ordered something on Amazon we gotten that yet.
But, anyway, I got her some stuff some activities to keep her busy in rehab. They’ll be doing lots of work with her in rehab.
Brought my parents closer to where I live, so I can go back to taking care of my son and living at home.
So all of your support and well wishes and prayers are greatly appreciated. Thank
We’re continuing… we’re continuing. My mom has a long road ahead of her, and I’m just gonna help her to the best I can while taking care of myself and my son.
So I just wanted to give you an update. There you go.