Chronic Illness is Chronic Illness is Chronic Illness

Sick Sad figure holding stomach

Chronic illness is chronic illness is chronic illness. I so wish that I had a magic wand that could make my son better, that would stop his migraines, asthma, eczema, allergies, depression, anxiety, GERD, and stop him from getting every single virus that comes to town. But, I simply cannot. I’ve taken him to numerous specialists ever since he was very young, and he still gets sick A LOT. I get tired of people expecting me to find some magic potion, simple answer or a cure. There is NONE. We treat, we manage, we medicate, but he remains sensitive. Tried acupuncture. He was not a fan. Tried psychotherapy over the years. He doesn’t find it helpful. I am exhausted. Truly exhausted.



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  1. […] with mental illness while parenting a child with chronic health issues is a balancing act. When my son was very young, I tried working as well, and ended up hospitalized. […]

  2. And those who lay such expectations of perfection upon parents don’t help. Just a few generations ago there wasn’t this kind of weird pressure. I’m all into parental responsibility, but perfection? No.

  3. Exactly. We do the best we can. We cannot fix everything. We cannot control everything.

  4. Kitt, you hit on a very important point here. When did parents become miracle and magic makers? Managers, yes. Doing out best, yes. Distillers of perfection into the world, no. Just no. I hear you.

  5. You are more the welcome!

  6. Thank you so much, e, for your continued support and prayers.

  7. Continued prayers for strength for you and your family?????

  8. Thank you so much!

  9. Thank you, JC. I know you know what it’s like to battle a chronic illness.

  10. Hang in there Kitt! Huge hugs. I know how frustrating it is to keep grasping at straws. xoxo

  11. Praying here in Florida. It is bad enough when Adults have chronic illnesses but when it is a child, Your child….it is all the more stressful. For them . For you. Take care of yourself while you take care of him. HUGS

  12. Thank you, Van.

  13. If you ever find that magic wand, Kitt, please share. I understand the frustration. Take care of yourself in the important reminder. ? Van

  14. The appointment was just an initial history. Endoscopy to follow (not yet scheduled, waiting for scheduling call). Then follow up. Do not expect radically new information, checking for damage.

  15. Well, the summer and fall tend to be better than the winter and this spring, so we’ll see…

  16. Thank you, Ellen.

  17. You know I adore you….sorry not to ask about the Monday dr. appt. – You’re in my thoughts often and I’ll say a special “agnostic” prayer for you tonight. You are a loving, magnificent mother doing all you can to care for your son!

  18. I’m so sorry, I pray things do get better and that chronic becomes nonchronic.

  19. I feel for you Kitt! Hang in there!

  20. I am so sorry, Kitt. I know how worrisome and difficult it can be. You all remain in my prayers and Reiki. Hugs, Ellen

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