In August, I will attend (or at least I registered for and paid to attend) two conferences: #BlogHer16: Experts Among Us in Los Angeles and NAMI California: Back to the Future – Building on the Past for a Better Tomorrow in Burlingame, a suburb of San Francisco near SFO airport.
I’m kind of freaking out, worried about going to the conferences, nervous that I may become overwhelmed and trigger mood cycling (live in too much fear of triggering symptoms). I plan to stay in hotel rooms by myself, for that will enable me to recuperate each day, and will give me somewhere to hide and decompress.


As part of #BlogHer16, I joined the BlogHer Social Media Influencer Network, enrolling four of my social media channels for potential advertising: Facebook (personal profile), Facebook Fan Page, Twitter, and Instagram. This site will remain ad-free (for now).
Using my social media presences to advertise is a completely new thing for me. The ads will be clearly labeled as such (as is legally required). Honestly, not sure how comfortable I feel about it. Testing the waters…


12 responses to “Conferences This Summer”

  1. Look forward to the opportunity to meet you and so many other online friends. Wish you and your family the best in living with mental illness.

  2. Looking forward to meeting you, I’m also very nervous and completely stepping out of my comfort zone(but if you want to accomplish anything, you have to take the first step!!) Also, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me while we’re there if you need the support!!! My father(and many more family members on his side) have bipolar (and anxiety) and actually my son was just diagnosed with Depressive Disorder and many signs lead to Bipolar.

  3. That would be great!

  4. HI Kitt, thanks for following. I hope we get to meet in LA!

  5. For sure….and vent…I do! LOL

  6. Me, too! Different than sharing my bedroom with my husband and at least one of our two dogs. The other dog sleeps in our son’s room.

  7. Nice to have somewhere to vent.

  8. You never know…

  9. The conferences sound very interesting, Kitt. Advertising revenue is always nice. (I can only imagine.) Much success to you on this endeavor. I hope you experience your private room as a luxurious sanctuary!

  10. Oh. I can’t imagine that anybody would want to advertise on my site! LOL

  11. No. On FB, Twitter & Instagram, not on this blog (at least not now), I will/may promote products if I can support the product. The advertisements will be flagged as such. I feel a bit uncomfortable with doing so. Not my style, and may not be worth it. Small change really.

  12. Not sure I completely understand what this is about. Are you saying you are going to allow advertisements to show up on your posts?

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