Conferences This Summer

  In August, I will attend (or at least I registered for and paid to attend) two conferences: #BlogHer16: Experts Among Us in Los Angeles and NAMI California: Back to the Future - Building [...]

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Anxious about Dementia

[youtube] So here I am, in my car, which is pretty hot. Probably have to open the windows to let in some air. Just going to make it hard for anything to [...]

2016-04-11T19:19:47+00:00April 11th, 2016|32 Comments

I am Ashamed

I'm ashamed. Ashamed of the dust. Ashamed of the clutter. Ashamed that I do not, that somehow I cannot, bring myself to keep my house clean. This afternoon, as I sat working at our dining room [...]

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Lost in the Crowd

Lost in the crowd Out of my natural surroundings Out of my home Out of my neighborhood At a busy cafe Surrounded by business people On their lunch break I’m unmoored Uncertain of [...]

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Recent Ramblings

2014-05-28 Both yesterday and today I screwed up my meds. When I got ready for bed last night, I saw that I hadn't yet taken my morning dose of escitalopram oxalate (Lexapro). Then this [...]

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