Dancing to White Noise #flashfiction

Within the white noise of the fan, she heard music and she danced. Her mind arranged the notes. Her body responded. Music and dance made sense. White noise, not so much.
The white noise bombarded her senses — too many notes. She picked out those that felt beautiful, that made sense to her. Her mind found and arranged the notes to quiet the noise.
The music was so soft, the volume so low, it faintly played in the background of the senseless cacophony of white noise. When she turned off the fan, the music was gone. Her room quiet. She no longer danced.


13 responses to “Dancing to White Noise #flashfiction”

  1. Yay! Dance away!

  2. I like your article. Makes me wanna dance now.

  3. Love it. Poetic soul.

  4. Thank you but it really is just a direct response to yours. Your story was the inspiration obviously. ~~dru~~

  5. Thank you, Courtney!

  6. This was awesome! Loved it, loved it, loved it! We all have white noise in our lives.. if we could just find a way to dance to the music it provides! <3

  7. This is gorgeous! Well done!

  8. I too hear music in the white noise of a fan or the refrigerator. I hear gossip in the buzz of flies and crying in the running of a faucet or the faint hum of the TV commentators. ~~dru~~

  9. p.s. I’m REALLY proud of you for writing flash fiction (and, to top it off, it’s GREAT FF!) and for sharing it with us!!!

  10. Only minutes before I read this post, I put on my dyson fan. You would assume I turned it on more for Lucy’s sake than for mine since the poor thing is covered with 500 layers of thick fur. But I put it on mainly for its sound -it’s not hot here yet.
    We’re sitting on my bed as the dyson (courtesy of Mom “QVC Queen” Leshin) oscillates.
    I love its soothing hum which helps me focus as I edit. SO I connected with your poetically written flash fiction in more ways than one, and the timing of its publication was just right! 😉

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