Extremely brief fiction piece

Creative Writing Prompt: Rainstorm

I Prompt for first creative writing class: RAINSTORM Rainstorm The torrential rain kept her awake. She couldnโ€™t sleep. Wasnโ€™t rain supposed to be relaxing? What was it that disturbed her? Why could she [...]

Barely Fiction: Kate.1

Her true and legal name is Kitt Kathleen Oโ€™Malley. She loves her name and is grateful her parents came up with it -- a great stage name if there ever was one. Her [...]

Hypomania, Praise, and Self-Talk

Photo thanks to Gustavo Espรญndola The praise came. Kitt loved to please. The more praise she received, the better she felt. The more she achieved, the higher she soared, until she couldn't. Her [...]

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