Cropped Cloudy Grey Sky

My Brain and Mood Today ~ Grey and Cloudy with a Chance of Rain

Yesterday saw my nephew off at the airport. Now I’m dragging my knuckles on the ground. Head aches. Fatigued. Basically, I’m drained.

Have group later this afternoon. Psychiatrist’s psychotherapy group members decided to take July off. Not sure how many will actually show up this afternoon. So now I have group therapy on Tuesday afternoon and NAMI Peer-to-Peer hosted by MHA-OC on Wednesday afternoon. Plenty of mental health resources for the week.

The groups will take me away from my son, though, which he does not like. At 14, he’s old enough to be left alone, but he prefers that I’m nearby should he need me (should he need anything). During the school year I would go to a writer’s group on Tuesday after group and another on Thursday morning. But summer throws me off my game. My son perceives me as always being gone should I go to the writer’s groups.

To top things off, this past weekend we visited my parents. My parents enjoyed seeing their two oldest grandsons, but it exhausted my mother who recently completed a round of radiation after completing her latest round of chemotherapy with Rituxan, monoclonal antibody therapy of which she was part of the initial clinical trials many years ago. She has lived with non-Hodgkins lymphoma at varying stages (remission to stage 4) for thirty years. But now her tumor in her thigh is tenacious and visible. The recent treatment has softened the tumor, but it remains, at least for now, threatening. By the way, my son considers both his grand mothers heroes. My mom for battling lymphoma. My husband’s mother for battling MS. They are fighters. They live with chronic illnesses. Doing so is truly heroic.