Thought Wisps (Wispy Clouds in Black and White)

Thought Wisps

F*ck what was I thinking? Cannot recall. Had a thought or perhaps even more than one. Something to write for my blog. Now I’m drawing a blank. My mind cannot hold onto thoughts for very long. They slip away. Slip away. Wisps. The thought had to do with removing my MFT license from my description for I feel out of it. Today in group I felt particularly out of it. Out of practice for so long. Not familiar with mental health consumers movement, concept of mental health recovery, myriad of psychotherapy treatment modalities most of which do not fully describe what anyone actually does for most psychotherapists blend theories and practice modalities and then do whatever seems to work. In any case, I am not a psychotherapist now. Nor will I be any time soon. Not ready, not as long as my brain fails me so completely.