Dear Kitt O'Malley, We've determined that your posts may be in violation of our User Content and Conduct Policy. Facilitating the sale of regulated goods or services, or promoting regulated goods and services to inappropriate audiences, is not permitted. Continued violation of our policies can lead to the loss of your ability to use some or all features of Google+ and other Google services. Sincerely, The Google+ Team
Apparently my posts or the posts I share are inappropriate. No doubt because they often discuss medications used in treating mental illness. I do not promote any particular medication, but I do share research. Perhaps one of the posts I shared looked innocuous, but was from an illegal pharmaceutical site. Don’t know. Do know that I don’t like getting censured. I really try hard to be a good girl. (Sounds ridiculous, but that’s where it comes from – from a lifetime trying to please.)
For the last twenty some odd weeks, my blog posts that I intended to share to my Google+ accounts using WordPress’ Publicize feature were posted privately and not shared with the public. Not very useful in publicizing my posts. Apparently I do not fully understand how to use Google+. I can only actively maintain so many social media presences. I pulled down my posts that were shared privately, and disconnected my Google+ accounts from WordPress Publicize. Now is not the time for me to have to deal with this.
PLUS, my Acer Aspire S7 laptop screen is acting up, and I’ll have to mail it back to Acer for repairs. At least it is still under warranty. This will be the third or fourth time I’ve sent it back for repairs. Shortly after I received it, the screen went black. Then the power connection failed. I love it in spite of its fragility. It’s super light and fast. Anyway, I’m working on my iPad right now. Not as fully functional. At least I recently bought an Anker keyboard for it, making it easier to type. Prefer a keyboard for typing, a touchscreen for coloring and playing solitaire (yes, I know, what a waste of time, but it relaxes me and gives my fingers something to do).


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  1. This insgiht’s just the way to kick life into this debate.

  2. Thank you. I actually did not intend to publish my own posts privately. Sort of defeats the purpose. Hopefully my blog posts are being published to G+ publicly now.

  3. This is harsh..I think it is not fair especially since you publish your post in G+ as private than public. G+ at least should let you know which posts that they think violates their term. There are numerous pornographic posts in G+ too and I don’t see them being banned..

  4. Yep. No matter how hard you try to retrain that way of thinking it persists.

  5. My father’s an engineer, my husband’s an engineer, I like engineers.

  6. Me too. Must be the inner child that lives inside us, with its hurtful running commentary on everything we do

  7. Sorry, once an engineer, always an engineer, disability aside…

  8. Thank you. I’m going to try to pull the offending posts when and if I can find them.

  9. Thanks for the engineering lesson.

  10. Of course I don’t know all the particulars Kitt, but it does sound to me at first glance like my favorite people at G+ are acting pretty heavy-handed in this instance, and having seen this post of yours, it makes me wonder just how many other people have received similar notices, and in regards to what? Being the inquisitive type of person that I am, I think I’ll take a deeper look (neither your name, nor your blog, or for that matter, anything in regards to you will be connected to my little look-see) and see what I can find. Thanks for the heads-up, they may be justified in their actions, but we should always do due diligence when these type of things occur or bit by bit they inevitably begin to occur more and more often with softer and softer forms of catalyst. I’m disturbed when things like this happen at all, and even more disturbed when they happen to nice people like yourself. Take care now, and remember, we love you, and your blog. : )

  11. Don’t want to lose those Internet privileges? Or is it a right of free speech?

  12. It might be best to get the old one back, repaired. It’s already been “burned in” and is in the lower part of the “bathtub curve” You’ve already gotten the “early failures” out of the way, with a new one you’d be starting over…

  13. They will repair my screen and send it back. A new one would be nice, but…

  14. Exactly. Onward. Still hurts. Part of me is very vulnerable to criticism. Another part of me is strong and assertive.

  15. Must have been an automated feature. I shared an article written on a Canadian pharmaceutical site about depression. Perhaps that triggered the censure.

  16. It’s so important that we understand the latest research on medications, for often our MDs do not. I switched from Wellbutrin to Zoloft during pregnancy because even 16 years ago research showed that serum levels in breastmilk and infant blood was lowest for Zoloft (at that time, haven’t needed to breastfeed for 13 years).

  17. I don’t even bother with Google+. Of all the Google things that are useable out there, I find that one the dumbest. So I feel like “Pfft”ing at them for you. ha!

  18. Maybe. I think there’s someone who programmed the logarithms the computers run on, so there is someone there behind the curtain. They just don’t like to answer anyone.

  19. not surprising. it took them 20 weeks to discover the impersonation. they’re kinda slow at the big g.
    (please don’t post this to g+. i’ll lose my internet privileges. ) (-:

  20. Clearly you triggered a hot point in the algorithm, and now you’re branded with a scarlet “g+” for life!
    Stupid machines.
    Sorry to hear about your puter. I was kicking sound getting an Acer. I’ve been Mac ever since the very first one in 1984, which I still own. I’m a photographer, and I need a machine capable of holding and working with very large files. I “don’t do” Photoshop, just emulate what a darkroom photographer does. But I resent Apple’s forcing me to use their proprietary features and products, which have become so incredibly user-unfriendly that I want to scream and change to Windows! Like, hello, Apple, field photogs cannot work in the “Cloud Environment” if there isn’t even a cell signal to make a hotspot with!!! OK, rant over, hope they give you a clean perfect new puter. With what you’ve got on your plate you don’t need puter problems.

  21. Actually they are run by computers, and if posts fit a set of criteria (even though the content is not in itself counter to the site’s rules), the computer will flag the user. Unfortunately, there’s nobody to talk to, because…well, because there’s nobody!

  22. I’ve gotten censure notices, too, that I don’t understand. And I’m really not that interested in tracking down a real person to talk to to understand why. I figure those venues have automated filters that flag… whatever. Like you, I just adjust whatever they want, or move on.

  23. Dear Kitt
    I hate it when someone looking to make money (Google+, Gravatar) throws up ‘soon to be rented’ virtual real estate and then punishes us for being unfamiliar with it. The profiteering is everywhere.
    Regarding research, I’m researching latest research, so to speak, on metabolic difficulties posed by certain classes of meds. So I know what it’s like to be a geek. I travel with a pocket dictionary and read research in doctor’s offices waiting rooms.
    Sometimes the powers that be hold all the cards.

  24. Those social platforms are run by people, and those people have their own biases. They program the logarithms that search out ‘offensive’ material – and ‘offensive’ is left up to them. I know you promote responsible health care; that doesn’t matter if you get caught in one of their traps. Hope it gets sorted out for you.

  25. It is strange. I get individuals blocking me if they want. But a social platform? Strange, especially since I promote responsible health care.

  26. LOL. All my personal posts were shared privately, at least over the past twenty some weeks. Odd.

  27. Yes, it does suck. Terrible that you had negative experiences

  28. I think you’ve hit on the number one problem on the internet, Kitt. Every platform has some numb nuts behind it who takes the omnipotent stance of judge, jury, and censor all in one and never says squat about why you’re being restricted. The vague terminology in most terms and conditions are full out BS allowing virtual dictatorships. I’ve run into that more than once.

  29. I’m laughing at the notion that you’re a pharmaceutical salesman – why you no give out free pens and stuff Kitt?! cries a bit
    Silly G+

  30. clearly you’re problem with Google+ is impersonation. you are, after all, impersonating kitt o’malley.

  31. Something like this happened to me on Facebook as well. I ran into a brick wall trying to get a response from them. I know what I did, I posted a link to an article about some serious ethics violations by a local official who was using his office to harm business that were in competition with his families business. I didn’t actually write anything, I just shared a link to an article on our local paper. I finally figured out what my violation was by poring over the previous weeks time line and realizing that Facebook had taken down the post for me. They could have had the decency to tell me what the “violation” was…
    Another service I used to use on Twitter threatened me for “promoting suicide” The last thing I’d ever do, but it’s pretty hard to regularly post about mental illness without ever using the word “suicide” I dropped them.
    It sucks doesn’t it?

  32. Thank you! Hope all is well.

  33. …………………………………….. !!!!! (Self-censoring bad words.)

  34. I’ll go check it out. Thanks.

  35. I am sorry you are having a rough patch of luck today. Maybe it was something innocuous. Sometimes it is just something that could go either way. Hopefully,tomorrow is a better day.

  36. Exactly. Then I could remove the offending post(s).

  37. I have no idea. I do not want to do anything inappropriate. At the same time, I believe in free and open speech.

  38. The same thing happened to me on Facebook. I wrote about it last night.

  39. They could at least let you know which post was in violation. I just don’t understand. I never liked google plus anyway.

  40. That’s a bit harsh, they didn’t really explain why or what the hell they are talking about.? I wonder how many others they do this to or is it after a complaint?

  41. Google+ now officially sucks.

  42. I would be helpful if they told me exactly which posts broke their rules. Otherwise, I just want to stop using G+. I can’t discuss living with a serious mental illness without discussing medication. I find it necessary for my stability.

  43. Dislike… 🙁

  44. I’m not getting the warnings anymore. Perhaps I deleted the offending post(s).

  45. I think that’s rather bad censorship that Google+ are applying myself, and really an upsetting thing to occur.

  46. Jesus, damn censorship. Upsetting…

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