This time of year can be difficult for those of us with mood disorders. The recent time change made what the clock says is the late afternoon now the dark of night. My dogs know it is the night-time. They are not fooled by our clocks. Seasonal affective disorder now kicks in. Our bodies are affected by fewer hours of sun, overcast skies, and colder temperatures. As the outside temperatures cool, we just want to cocoon and crawl back under the covers. Granted, it is not so cool here in southern California, but even going from the 90’s to the 60’s has a significant effect on mood. Dyane Harwood describes how the time change and Fall season affects her in her latest blog post. Read on.


2 responses to “Groggylicious”

  1. Tis cocooning weather right now. Sun hid behind clouds. In family room with my boy and two curly-furred dogs (they are warm, for sure).

  2. Thank you SO much for the reblog! Your generosity is actually waking me up – it’s better than coffee.

    I replied to your comment on my blog, “I’m in a perma-trance. Reducing even a very small amount of quetiapine (a.k.a. Seroquel) is affecting me. I’ve been told this kind of thing can happen; I’m waiting to hear back from my pdoc for his two cents.”

    And yes, there are the other significant factors that you mention, i.e. SAD/seasonal affective disorder, the time change, cold weather etc.. I’m wearing a heavy coat as I write this in the chilly Santa Cruz Mountains. My hands are cold, but the indoor temp. is not so bad that I need to make a fire. We aren’t blessed with central heating, and we won’t be blessed with it until I win the California SuperLotto Plus. Lucky Lucy puppy is fine and dandy in the cold; her triple layer fur keeps her toasty.

    ANYWAY, I ramble. Quelle surprise? Many thanks again!
    Off to make one more cup of java and attempt to write instead of cocoon. I shall savor it in your honor.

    you’re the best!

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