I've Been Quiet Lately

I've been quiet lately. Out of commission. Taking it easy. This holiday season brings tough firsts. First Thanksgiving since my father died in April. First Christmas coming up. My sister and I plan [...]

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Passed My SSDI Review (Whew!)

Beautiful Tree Manipulated to Look Agitated and Hypomanic Spring triggers hypomania and agitation in me. As many of my readers already know, one spring over twenty years ago, tricyclic antidepressant misuse, [...]

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Common yellowthroat Credit: George Gentry/USFWS Springtime can trigger seasonal affective disorder (SAD) in both those with depression and bipolar disorder. For those of us with bipolar disorder, SAD can trigger mania and hypomania. The [...]

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This time of year can be difficult for those of us with mood disorders. The recent time change made what the clock says is the late afternoon now the dark of night. My [...]

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