Hot Flashes

Hot flashes
Warm flashes
Tears held inside
Emotions fragile
Menopause is a bitch
But this bitch can handle it


16 responses to “Hot Flashes”

  1. We can’t beat ourselves into doing something positive. Self-respect is an essential ingredient of success.
    On the other hand, nothing is evil. If we thank God, it is good for us, even if it harms us. If we don’t thank God for it, it’s harmful, even when we believe otherwise.
    That’s one thing I learned from the story of Joseph, son of Israel.
    Besides, we men can’t love God or Jesus Christ so I preach “Worship of God & Women”. I can’t preach “Worship of God & Bitches”, can I?
    My ex-father sent me to clean His ladder. It’s women who are our ladder to heaven (story of Israel). God has put Cherubim to guard the way to the Tree of Life (Holy Spirit) lest a man eats from it and live forever.
    Isn’t God funny? He gave women, the most humble servants, the greatest throne. And He let Church leaders (and followers) not know His secrets.
    In the movie Titanic, they only save women & children and I like that.

  2. You know, I haven’t had my hormones checked. I’m 53, so I figure it’s about time. Plus, I don’t recall the last menses I had… So, yeah, must be happening.

  3. LOL. I wrote the poem in July and added the last lines last night. I agree. Decided to start taking draft material and publishing it.

  4. Thanks. You can discuss with your pdoc and gyn. Honestly, my symptoms are fairly mild. Some have it much worse.

  5. Actually, I’ve procrastinating video recording and posting my In Our Own Voice presentation. I have the text typed up on cards (but the margins are all wrong). Now I need to set up a camera and read from the cards…

  6. According to my hormones, I’m not in menopause… my body thinks otherwise with being hot, migraine (visuals, no pain… yet), moody and pessimistic ?
    I try to hide it tho!! ?

  7. It is a bitch!

  8. That’s the best part!

  9. Your timing is uncanny in publishing this post. I think I’m finally starting perimenopause.
    Night sweats. Losing lots of hair. Holding tears inside. And more.
    Not sure if it’s finally comin’ round, but I hope so, because I want to get it over with! I’m scared about how it will affect my bipolar disorder….
    p.s. I particularly LOVED the last two lines!
    Bitch is such a powerful word when used by a powerful gal such as the great Kitt O’Malley!

  10. It’s positive but I didn’t like the curse word.

  11. Remember responding to your “Thoughts Intrude” ( Post on 21 June, 2016 which previously dealt with menopause from your “Leave Me Alone” Post of 3 May, 2015.
    It was as follows:
    “Some woman never know they even went through menopause, but your description sounds like a severe El Nino. On the + side there does not seem to be any mention of migraines and absolutely no procrastination. Hope you are better now.”
    Enjoyed your geeky reply, Kitt. Hope you do not mind me adding another + observation now. There did not seem to be any “Delusions of Grandeur” either.
    Hope you celebrated a great 52 last month, youngster.
    God Bless + Namaste.

  12. You can handle this. Yes. Yes, you can. ?

  13. Even this will pass…

  14. amazing words…

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