Fingers Moving, Fingers Typing

Fingers need to move
nervous energy
prompts them to keep busy
Just as my thoughts
my mind
will not be silent
My fingers will not be still
so I play Solitaire
or now type
I imagine myself crocheting
as I did long ago
as a young girl
Used to crochet
and sew
Used to paint, too
Who knows
Maybe I will do so again
Do any or all of the above
Then again
Maybe not
I don’t put too much stock
in what I do
or don’t do
Ambivalent about goals
No longer as goal oriented
as I was long ago
Well, I do have some goals
I suppose
but they are flexible


12 responses to “Fingers Moving, Fingers Typing”

  1. Time to get crochet hook and yarn…

  2. I crochet a lot to keep my hands busy. I completely related to this poem! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Thank you! I highly value your praise.

  4. Kitt – I love this post. It’s personal and fun plus serious and throught provoking. You amaze me – Each time I visit your blog I find something new and better than what you had before. You have indeeed become a professional blogger with an individualized message. Way to go!!

  5.  Avatar

    You’re welcome!

  6. I think it might be time to relearn how to knit or crochet. As a kid, I found crocheting easier.

  7. Stock photo from Pixabay manipulated with both Prisma app and Enlight app on my iPad.

  8. I like the image and the wording! Cool!

  9. Yeah… what is it about keeping our hands occupied? And what is it about these goals that are thwarted. I realise now that if I’m knitting, I’m knitting and that’s an end in itself. It doesn’t mean I have to finish it!

  10. I love the image you used of fingers typing on the keyboard – you created that, didn’t you?
    ❤️ IT!!!!
    I want to print it out & frame it on the wall next to my laptop.
    Moreover, I greatly appreciate the honest way in which you write – it’s so relatable and fresh.

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