How Do You Dry Your Hair?



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  1. Maybe a little of both…

  2. I like very short hair, too, for that reason and more.

  3. I love this! Made me laugh. I actually cut most of my hair off and wear it VERY short, so I don’t have to do one thing other than wash it and go. Life’s too short (no pun intended) to worry about these things…

  4. I take divalproex, though I shed quite a bit, my hair still grows. Guess I’m either lucky, or my body has adjusted.

  5. Funny! I’ve stopped torturing my hair by blow-drying and/or styling with hot instruments. It didn’t grow for 11 years while I was on Depakote. It’s long and wild now and I can’t bear to cut it. Anyway, it’s towel drying and pin curls for me. 🙂

  6. Even gel can only contain the spikiness for so long, lol.

  7. Mine is really short but I still can’t work with it!

  8. Too much work to blow dry.

  9. That I’d LOVE to see!

  10. Can you gel it into place?

  11. That’s how I do it! I can’t hold a hair dryer up long enough to do it that way. Love this post! 😀

  12. haha I would but I’m pretty sure I’d look like Phylis Diller! <3
    Diana xo

  13. I have “Asian spiky hair” so I have to be very careful in the morning or I will suffer the consequences the rest of the day, lol.

  14. Pretty fair skinned here too. My ancestry is British and I’ve had far too much skin cancer removed already. I’m very protective now.

  15. I don’t use the work should, buuuut …you should try it. lol.

  16. Yes, we are 🙂 For me, the blow dryer makes it frizzy. Then I have to use the flat iron. So I dry naturally 🙂

  17. Easy. Just make sure you wear sunscreen. My grandpa O’Malley got skin cancer on top of his head. My dad on his nose. I on my forearm. We O’Malley’s are a fair-skinned bunch.

  18. Just like a dog. Feels good, doesn’t it?!

  19. Nice! Very fancy!

  20. Love it! I’m actually laughing right now. Thanks!

  21. That works, too, especially if you live in a warm climate. I remember when I lived in Pennsylvania in the late 70s, a pair of twins regularly got on the school bus with frozen hair. I’d wash my hair the night before. As a native Californian, there was no way I was waiting out in the snow with frozen hair.

  22. We are naturally natural beauties. I have wavy hair, too. Blow dryer straightens it.

  23. I’m like bipolarsojourner. I keep mine shaved so it’s just wash and go Baby, wash and go

  24. I have been known to stick my head out the window. 😉

  25. how do i dry my hair? what hair. lol
    no, i do have hair but so little i can get away with wash and wear. i don’t even need a towel dry.

  26. I use my magic hair drying wand I got when I attended Hogwarts!

  27. I point the hair dryer at my head for a minute or so and pretend like I’m all dry. LOL!

  28. I let it air dry at the bus stop. No time to dry in the morning.

  29. I can relate Kitt! Lol! I always let my wavy hair dry naturally, never use a blow dryer. The car is great with the wind blowing, seems to dry faster. Just run my fingers through it, and I’m good to go! 🙂

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