Recently I’ve been blogging about caregiving and about exhaustion more than about living with bipolar disorder. That said, obviously coping with major life events, such as taking on the role of caregiver of two parents struggling with dementia, is a HUGE stressor and potential trigger for mood cycling.
Cocooning in bed right now. Treated myself to two luxurious nights on two separate weekends as payment for all the work I’ve done. I coordinate my parents’ care, pay their bills, cleared out their house of their personal belongings with the help of an estate sales company, took multiple construction bids while we considered remodeling and leasing it, and now I’m our sales agent’s main contact. Luckily my parents made an excellent decision when they bought their beach house in the 70’s. The proceeds from its sale will enable my sister and I to take care of our parents.


24 responses to “What If I Don't Blog About Bipolar?”

  1. I know the feeling being too overwhelmed to keep up. Except, I am overwhelmed with different life events. Just know I’m in your corner if you need me.

  2. Thank you, Gertie. Hope all is well. I’ve been too overwhelmed to keep up.

  3. You are just writing about what you deal with weather it’s your Bipolar or not. It shows the world that those of us who struggle with mental illness struggle with the same things that everyone else does on top of dealing with a mental illness. You are an inspiration to myself and many others. Thanks!!!

  4. You’re welcome 🙂

  5. Thank you so much!

  6. Thank you so much, Jade!

  7. I will. I rejoice in your strength and character. You are remarkable 🙂

  8. Brave woman! You’re an absolute inspiration and I’m so glad you’ve decided to share your experiences with the world, especially when it comes to something so stigmatised. Keep doin’ what you’re doin’, the world needs more people like you! xo

  9. Since I’ve lived in SF, East Bay, & Sonoma County, I have other friends I could visit if you’re in Alpine Valley. Enjoy! Hope you are feeling better!

  10. It would be wonderful to see you ! Craig said Burlingame is about an hour away; however, we might be in Alpine Valley. We’re waiting to hear from The Munchkin landlady about her August rental schedule. Let’s see if the stars align! XoXo you!

  11. I LOVE Longmire & had forgotten about that series. Been watching Jessica Jones. Beautiful comment. Exactly what I need to do, surrender and allow God to lay me down by still waters and restore my soul. God bless you, Susan.

  12. Thank you. Don’t ache too much. Too much pain already in the world. Please rejoice in something for me.

  13. I agree. Rethinking my tag line. Still applies, I suppose.

  14. Thank you so much. I’m truly flattered, and I love flattery. (Queen Leo) Namaste

  15. Will do. Thanks!

  16. Get well, Dy! My husband thinks I should go to NAMI CA’s conference in late August in Burlingame. Kind of in your neighborhood… I could rent a car and visit before I return home.

  17. We have to give ourselves permission to do that, Kitt, and really – on a regular basis. Been allowing myself to do that more and more lately, as I surrender and allow God to lay me down by still waters and restore my soul. Still waters look different to everyone – like Dyane, I resort to my Netflix cocoon. (I can recommend Longmire for bingewatching TV and The Kite Runner for a great movie.) Happy resting. 😉

  18. My heart aches for you, Kitt.

  19. Enjoy those cocoon days, Kitt, they don’t happen very often for you.☺
    And regarding your title ? I wouldn’t box yourself in to the idea of writing only about bipolar. I think the things you are going through now should be documented. You are not alone in dealing with aging or ill parents, and we all need some advice. Just saying. ?

  20. Paladin Avatar

    Appears you made it through the “Butterfly Transformation” phase, Kitt. Love your Selfies social media maven. Still remember your two minute “Racing Thoughts” video around Thanksgiving when you found out your mother had a stroke and you entered a crisis phase. Glad the implied unconstitutional civil right to “Creativity” is not yet abolished for you are truly outspoken. | You are that woman |. Someday you may find time to provide a book of your journey blogs and I think it would be a best seller.
    | The Lord works in mysterious ways. |

  21. Hang in there, Kitt. You’re going through a rough patch! Take good care of yourself!

  22. Hang in there, Kitt. I love your honesty. 🙂

  23. You’ve been doing so much for your parents and you’ve been going through hell that not many people understand.
    I’m so glad you’ve taken care of yourself during those two weekends so that you can continue to help your parents. It’s not even rpayment, per se, but self care, self preservation, self nurturing that you need and deserve.
    Not many people could juggle all the things you’ve been juggling (extremely well, I must add!) That’s great that your parents were wise to invest in the beach house in the 70’s. I find that cocoon days are essential no matter what’s going on in life – whether it’s during the relatively easy periods or the much tougher ones. Today is one of those days for me as I recuperate from walking pneumonia, so back I go to my cocoon to watch a television series/guilty pleasure on Netflix. I’ll let you know what that series is, but privately. 🙂
    XoXoXo you!

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