I’m Back and I’m Exhausted

I’m back from NAMI California‘s annual conference, held this year in Newport Beach (an easy commute from my home). Now I’m laying in bed completely exhausted. Met lots of great people. Younger adults and people of color underrepresented unfortunately. I’m one of the many older (mature) white folk in attendance. I alternated between volunteering at tables for the conference and attending presentations.

Emily Truong and Kitt O'Malley

Got a chance to meet the colorful and creative Emily Wu Truong wearing mental health awareness lime green. She’s a sweetheart with a strong commitment to reaching out to young adults and the Asian community. Plus, she posted TONS of pics of folks at the conference on Facebook.

When I felt exhausted on Sunday, I visited the Welcome Center NAMI California had set up and drew this doodle.

Detailed colorful felt tip doodle

Tomorrow I’ll write more about some of the presentations I attended. Or, perhaps I’ll get around to it next week, or who knows…never? (more likely tomorrow or next week)


16 responses to “I’m Back and I’m Exhausted”

  1. It was great meeting you, Lori! I, too, loved the welcome room. I find coloring relaxing. Glad you enjoyed Dr. Sandoval’s Q&A. Steve Pitman says he’s a great pdoc. By the time that last session came around, I was ready to head home. I was beat!

  2. It was fun. i really liked the welcome room ( a room to relax with painting and crayons). Dr Luis Sandoval’s Q&A on schizophrenia was very good. And, I met Kitt.

    Rest up 🙂

  3. These events are Overwhelming with a capital O! I’m telling you – I’m still wiped out and it has been over a week! Got totally thrown off, although you know I loved it….

  4. A lot to take in and process.

  5. I’m STILL tired from it, Lady K! And most everyone else kept saying how exhausted they felt at the conference, even the non-bp folk! XOXOX

  6. Yes, yes & yes! Infinitely yes.

  7. Can you imagine 4 & 1/2 days of that?? (Including overnights in a strange, crappy bed!)
    Yes, it’s the perfect recipe for hypomania!!!

    I’m glad you got through it and now I send you my love, lots of rest, and complete restoration.

    Conferences are totally, completely exhausting!


  8. Yes, rest up. We’ll be here.

  9. The NAMI national convention one was held in SF in July. The California annual conference was held in Newport Beach August 20-22.

  10. Glad you are back. Rest up and you can tell us all about it later!

  11. Kitt, I thought the mental health conference was in San Francisco!

  12. Way to take care of yourself, Kitt.

  13. Glad you enjoyed it Kitt..Sleep!

  14. Welcome home Kitt – now go to sleep.

  15. Looking forward to hearing about it Kitt 🙂 After you rest first! x

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