This Graphic Shows Why We Still Need Women’s Equality Day from TIME, Inc. article by Heather Jones @msjonesnyc and Charlotte Alter @charlottealter.

Why We Still Need Women's Equality Day. 95 years after women got the right to vote, the US government is still only about 20% female. Women's representation in 2015: At the Federal level: Supreme Court 3 out of 9, Congress 104 out of 535, House of Representatives 80 women out of 435 (19%), Senate 20 women out of 100 (20%). at the State level: Governors 6 out of 50 (12%), Mayors of Cities more than 30K people 256 out of 1393 (18%), State Legislatures 1,793 out of over 7,000 seats (24%). Women's Voter Turnout: women have voted more than men in every presidential election since 1980. 71.4 million women voters in 2012 vs. 61.6 million men. Almost 64% of eligible women voted in 2012, compared to almost 60% of eligible men. Political Representation Worldwide: Since 1995, the percentage of women in national legislatures has almost doubled worldwide, but still only 22% of all national elected representatives are female. Saudi Arabia just allowed women to register to vote in August. Vatican City still does not allow women to vote. Sources: Center for American Women and Politics; Clinton Foundation No Ceilings Report; U.S. Census. Infographic by TIME.