Completed My Continuing Education
Just completed my continuing education (CE) for my California Marriage and Family Therapist license (LMFT). To renew my license this time around, among the courses I took, I chose the following three timely and emotionally charged ones:  Older Adults and Mental Health,  School Refusal, and Chronic Illness in Children.
Yes, I’m firmly in the Sandwich Generation, parenting a sensitive adolescent while caring for aging parents. Here I am in the middle, somehow balancing it all even though I have bipolar disorder. I can hardly believe that I’m stable all things considered.
For those wondering, I do not see clients. Graduated with a Masters in Psychology in 1990. Licensed since 1992. Haven’t actively practiced since I was 30. But in recent years I’ve activated my long-time inactive license by taking the continuing education coursework, for I identify as a healer, as a therapist, even if I no longer make a living doing so.
I use my knowledge and skills elsewhere, like here, and in parenting my son (which I do imperfectly), caring for my parents (also trial and error) and loving my husband.