Kitt O'Malley – STIGMA SMASHER – NAMIWalks 2015

October 10th my husband and I are walking the 5K NAMIWalks Orange County 2015 with team STIGMA SMASHERS. NAMI Orange County has been instrumental in my mental health recovery. Please visit to sponsor me. Thank you!


Stigma Smashers (Telecare Wit)

Will you be in Orange County on October 10th?
Join our NAMIWalks team:


William R. Mason Park
18712 University Drive
Irvine, CA 92612

Registration begins 8:00 am
Walk begins 10:00 am


NAMIWalks provides NAMI Orange County with 1/3 of their operating budget, enabling them to offer free mental health educational programs, meetings and support groups.
NAMI’s Peer-to-Peer course introduced me to the concept of mental health recovery and gave me HOPE. Though I don’t currently practice as a psychotherapist, I reclaimed my training and identity as a former mental health professional when I took their Provider Education course.


NAMIWalks Orange County 2015 follows on the heels of The Gathering on Mental Health and the Church, which runs October 7-9 at Saddleback Church in Lake Forest, CA. I attended the conference last year and plan to volunteer for NAMI at the conference this year. Speakers this year include Thomas Insel, Director of National Institute of Mental Health, and Patrick Kennedy, Founder of the Kennedy Forum and Co-Founder of One Mind. Great conference!


    Thanks for pointing out my error. I left out a backslash.

  2. Nevermind, I found it through the Facebook link – doh!

  3. I clicked on your sponsor link, and it didn’t work for me. Is there another way I can get there?

  4. Very sensitive kid.

  5. But recently after Matthew allowed Coco to sleep in bed with him (no more, now he sleeps on a dog bed in our room), Coco stunk his bed up SO MUCH – Matthew liberally dosed the mattress pad with lavender oil before putting on new sheets.

  6. he has the ultimate good taste! 😉

  7. My son didn’t like the NOW. He went out and grabbed pieces of lavender directly off the plant. He prefers the real deal.

  8. Thanks, Marie! You are doing great work!

  9. LOL – I have NOW brand too! It’s the brand they carry @ Ben Lomond Market (super-pricey gourmet market) apart from the artisan Bonny Doon lavender oil made a few miles away and super-$$$$ You have the two biggies – I also love orange oil and use it daily. The girls hate the smell but it’s my absolute favorite and makes me feel better. I got in the habit of putting a lot on my wrist and elbow pulse points before I work out and it makes a difference……….I was buying DOTerra regularly last year from a neighbor and I really liked their Wild Orange but that costs $12 compared to NOW which is around half, I think. I still plan on returning to DOTerra because I love the smell so much. It does seem like it’s better than NOW.

  10. Woop woop woop way to walk Kitt, I’ll mention your walk on that 10th during a media event we are organizing to discuss this year’s theme of Dignity in Mental Health.

  11. Yikes! No need. I’m probably not investing in any more essential oils right now, anyway. I have bottles of lavender & peppermint (NOW brand from local store) beside my bed.

  12. my pleasure – I wish I could give (charge!) more. 😉 Maybe I’ll get one SuperLotto Plus ticket for tonight? XOXO p.s. haven’t heard back from my friend yet but she has been affected by the Tassajara mountain fires very close to her home – I’ll let you know when I find out something

  13. great Post Kitt – the content and the video clip just wonderful!

  14. Thanks again for all your support!

  15. You go Kitt! Talkin’ the talk, walkin’ the walk!!

  16. I PROUDLY sponsored you!!!!! YAY!!!!
    Go Kitt!!!!
    I’ll keep tweeting that NAMI tweet of yours, so please keep tweeting’ it. I like the one with the picture (and aren’t tweets with pictures more likely to be read than plain, old tweets?) and next time I’ll mention I’m happily sponsoring you.
    I need to not simply retweet, but endorse!
    XOXOOX You’re an awesome possum!
    (And your husband is too!)

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