Kitt's Invented Platitudes

Nothing is always true

Rarasaur’s Platitudes

“But then…
people learn.”

“Everything’s gonna be okay.
(Except when it’s not.)
((Except that’s okay, too.))”

I think it is human nature to ascribe or find meaning to events in our lives. Sometimes platitudes makes us feel better. Sometimes worse.

My Invented Platitude

Nothing is always true, except when it is.

The Platitudes I Use Regularly

You are loved.

You are worthy of love.

You are not alone.

Yet, at the same time, I can feel both so very alone and so very much a part of everything.
Which leads me to…

Another Invented Platitude

We are both alone and connected

We are both alone and connected.

Even as I share my thoughts and feelings through words, I protect a part of myself, and do not let anyone completely in. No one really knows what it feels like to be me, but when I find others who seem to understand, something magic happens. I feel loved, supported, accepted. That feels good. That is what we do, what we can do, what we should do, for one another.


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  1. Paladin Avatar

    Actually, I intended to provide text to the previous warranted comment, Kitt. The browser froze and I was unable to restore the text from the previous session in the comment box. Sent you an e-mail with the response of the lost text from my memory, yesterday.
    While I have the opportunity with this entry, I will add a very interesting “Einstein Platitude”, which I think applies to most of us. He considered himself to be both “Agnostic” + “Non-Atheist”. Very ambivalent, but probably not Bipolar. Einstein never thought the atom would be split and opposed the “Manhattan Project”. Recently, we just saw President Obama pay respect to those lost at Hiroshima in 1945. Nagasaki soon followed to end WWII. Oppenheimer has spoken well of Einstein, an autistic adversary, for he admired his non-scientific qualities.
    Love your Invented Platitude, Kitt, “We are both alone and connected”.

  2. Einstein is right, and wrong… We are all both stupid, and intelligent each in our own way, at least in moments… But Einstein, without doubt, is funny. Thank you for the Einstein quote. It is hilarious.

  3. Paladin Avatar

    An additional comment is warranted, Kitt.

  4. Love “learning to be comfortable with being uncomfortable.” Brilliant. Acceptance is a tremendous relief.

  5. I like to say I’m learning to be comfortable with being uncomfortable. I also get why you feel alone and yet connected. You have wise words, Kitt. Please keep sharing.

  6. Paladin Avatar

    | Absolutely !!! |

  7. Love the quote! Thank you!

  8. Great post, Kitt. 🙂

  9. A unique and insightful post!!
    This line is particulary profound:
    “Even as I share my thoughts and feelings through words, I protect a part of myself, and do not let anyone completely in. ”
    I deeply appreciate how you share your truth in this way (which applies to so many) & I admire the language you use to express it.
    And yes, “we are both alone and connected.”
    A couple days ago I tweeted a Madeleine L’Engle quote. I suspect it was from “”A Wrinkle In Time”. She wrote:
    “You see, though we travel together, we travel alone.”
    (Great minds think alike!)

  10. Bravo, Kitt! I generally dislike platitudes and being told to feel happy and cheerful by other people. It’s not reality – just empty self-serving advice that doesn’t help anyone, in my opinion.
    Love yours though – “We are both alone and connected.” That one works! I also like the ones that state imperfection and flaws are beautiful, because they are. Thanks for this message! 🙂

  11. Paladin Avatar

    Einstein’s quote: “Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I’m not sure about the former.” This ageless platitude comment seems very logical, possibly real, does it not? Maybe there is a little Einstein in all of us. Thanks, Kitt.

  12. That feeling is spiritual to me. Very Zen.

  13. They are truisms in my life, for sure. Especially feeling alone and connected at the same time. This feels like the story of my life…

  14. Yes. Perhaps these are truisms.

  15. Platitude? Surely they are truisms, also? Cheers Jamie

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