This weekend my sister visited and we celebrated Thanksgiving twice with our parents. Friday we joined our mother at her memory care community and joined their festivities. That afternoon and early dinner went very well. We had fun decorating her room and organizing photos.
Saturday we brought our father to visit our mother for lunch. The visit went well until we left them alone for a few minutes while we got coffee in the lobby. By the time I returned to our mother’s room, they were planning their escape back to their old beach house (which they no longer own – we had to sell it to pay for their care).
Big sigh. Clearly they wish their lives were as they were before dementia, before stroke. We all do.


14 responses to “Mini Thanksgivings”

  1. And the biggest crime of all is that they had to see their beach home to pay for their care in old age. I’m sure they worked hard all their lives to find themselves in the same position million of people find themselves in each and every year.
    Kudos to you and your sister for making a Thanksgiving for them.

  2. No question! Love the perspective.

  3. Actually, good riddance. Glad to say goodbye to the house. Just a house, even if it had a great view. People matter more. Proper health care matters more.

  4. Thanksgiving is a special day for many families. Relatives get together and talk over dinner while sharing fond memories of their lives. Even though the house was sold, their memories were not. They will always have that view albeit through a different window. Happy holidays to you and your family, Kitt.

  5. So sorry the beach house had to go…bummer. What a great view! Happy Thanksgiving, Kitt.

  6. Welcome! Thank you for reading my post. I wish you and your family a lovely peaceful Thanksgiving.

  7. It’s nice that at least you were able to get in some family time. I’m just finding your blog now!

  8. It can be tough Kitt but glad you were able to get in some quality family time.

  9. Thank you! Happy Thanksgiving to you, too!

  10. Ah…the beach house. At least they have some lovely memories to share. Thinking of you, Kitt. Enjoy your own holiday in peace. ❤️ ? ? ?

  11. I’m glad your sister could be there with you, and that things went well except (and this is a BIG except) for when your parents conspired to escape to their former home. 🙁
    I can’t imagine how tough that must have been for you to deal with.
    I can’t ever know how heartbreaking everything has been since their health crises. You continue to be a loving, caring daughter no matter what. You’re amazing. You’re the kind of daughter I hope my girls grow up to be.
    You’re in my thoughts, you’re in my prayers….love to you, dear Kitt!!!!

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