Love more, Worry less, Exercise more, Eat better, Laugh more, Stay stable, Finish my memoir
Thank you,, for inspiring me to borrow and amend her resolutions for myself.

  • Love more
  • Worry less
  • Exercise more
  • Eat better
  • Laugh more
  • Stay stable
  • Finish my memoir

Bipolar on Fire‘s list included:

  • Find a job [she] can enjoy
  • Find a place [she] can call home that is peaceful and safe and affordable.

Thank You, My Love, for All You Do

Wedding Kiss Close-Up
Our wedding day kiss at Cal-Neva, North Lake Tahoe.

Thank God my husband, a civil engineer, provides for us well. He makes life much less stressful for me. Honestly, he shoulders that stress. He does a lot around the house — too much, for which I feel guilty that I’m not doing my fair share.
Over a decade ago, I kept our house immaculate, like something out of Architectural Digest. I was an overachiever at home and at work, but didn’t take care of myself and was not available to adequately care for our son. Since overworking led to voluntary psychiatric hospitalization, I’ve made caring for myself and our son a priority, and put housework on the backburner.
I’m truly blessed to have my husband in my life. He’s my caregiver, and I’m grateful for all he does. Thank you.


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  1. Good place to build new year resolution in perfect way i will adjust my new year resolution in accordance with your tips. thanks for sharing such a useful tips

  2. Can’t really answer for you. Possible. I find heat intolerable. You could ask your doctor or pharmacist.

  3. Kitt, this heat is seriously making me sleepy, is it my meds??

  4. Yes Kitt, they are all great for bringing balance for ourselves (especially a relaxing bath, is worth it’s weight in gold), regardless where we are at 😀

  5. Even in chaos, there are miracles and moments of peace we can cultivate. Mark, I know you realize this, since you recommended I exercise, meditate and take a relaxing bath.

  6. Congrats with you new manual job. Wish you the best.

  7. It’s just when we have confidence within ourselves to do something…and its effects create what we wanted ‘out there’, we feel a happiness, an achievement which in turn gives us more confidence to keep trying more things 🙂
    Sometimes they are small, but important nonetheless and have a great impact on us, good or bad…and sometimes they really blow us out of the water…and we just laugh in amazement at what we have achieved 😀
    And in all cases they are miracles, because we have believed in ourselves enough to try, and that belief slowly builds a love…our love, the one thing that we give within and without, each second of the day <3

  8. Within & without what ? Ourheads – a little fractious

  9. How do you think it will effect Nick’s job chances? You are thinking worst case senario like most bipolars / normal thought process.
    Try upping your game today, I little more exercise , mindfullness – meditation & a bath.
    I have secured a manual job let’s hope a can stick at it. Regards & Best Wishes .mb

  10. Thank you! We are blessed to be in loving supportive marriages.

  11. I am in the same boat as you. My husband is amazing.. some days are tough but the sun always shines .?be strong.

  12. Thanks for the support!

  13. Happy new year! No doubt in my mind you will finish your memoir! 😀

  14. Thanks for quoting me❤️❤️❤️ As always, very nice post!!

  15. Great! We both have to thank for the inspiration. Best of luck with your new year resolutions.

  16. I thought I’d make it easy this year and only make one resolution that I had to remember: “Don’t forget where you put the list of New Year Resolutions.” I forgot anyway, so I’m just going to borrow some of your list if that’s OK., because it was the best one I could find on the whole Internet. Happy New Year.

  17. I injured my knees doing Pilates (tendinitis) and did PT to recover. Recently fell on way to airport and going to chiropractor until shoulder injury heals. Excuse to relax a bit now.

  18. Good set of resolutions/goals for this year, Kitt. Exercise is my priority again this year. Passed the outside Yoga class this morning. Enjoyed watching it as I walked by on the bike path.
    Thought you enrolled in a Pilantes program sometime last year. Believe you have the ability and potential to pursue it again. Hope you will be able to give it a try. Best Wishes & Take Care.

  19. I’m so glad to read that. Saying thank you means so much. My husband and I thank each other regularly.

  20. Happy new Year! Reading your post reminded me not to take everything for granted my husband does for me, I tend to forget this and should really thank him more often. Thank you for that. Greetings from Germany, Viola.

  21. Great resolutions which you really can achieve. Good luck with every single one of them.

  22. You can do it!
    Happy New Year

  23. Yes, there are. Grateful for those miracles large and small, inner and outside.

  24. Happy New Year, Kitt! I hope you manage to keep every single one of these resolutions, especially finishing your memoir!

  25. There are many miracles in our lives Kitt, within and without 😀 <3

  26. Great resolutions! Happy New Year!

  27. I was going to include a current photo of Nick and his name (oops, top secret), but all of the sudden wondered whether having me as his wife might get in the way of career opportunities. Oh, well…

  28. I should scan some other photos rather than using that one over and over.

  29. Those are great resolutions! I know Bipolar on Fire will be pleased she inspired you.
    And I love that picture of you and your husband, but you know that already!
    Happy New Year, my friend!

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