Should I Lower the Price of My Book?

Blogging for Bipolar Mental Health by KItt O'Malley (Author). See all 2 formats and editions. Kindle $9.99. Paperback $14.99. Blogging for Bipolar Mental Health offers hope to those living with mental illness and their loved ones, educates the public about mental health, and fights stigma against those living with mental illness by challenging stereotypes. Kitt O'Malley's writing recounts her struggle with bipolar disorder type II, the two decades it took to get a proper diagnosis, and how her journey ultimately gave her purpose -- and at times, a sense of religious calling.
Considering lowering my book prices. Average paperback price is $13.95 to $17.95, so perhaps $14.99 is a reasonable price for a paperback. Yet, the book would get into more hands if I lowered the price.
But, I priced my ebook at $9.99. Now I’m thinking that’s too high. Have not sold many ebooks on Amazon. $3.99 is the most popular price for an ebook.
Haven’t run any promotions, either. Maybe I should start there…
What do you think?

Update — New Lower Book Prices

Ran Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publising (KDP) Pricing Support Beta. Based on historic data for KDP books similar to Blogging for Bipolar Mental Health, a list price of $4.99 (USD) in a 70% royalty plan maximizes author earnings.
Changing my Amazon Kindle ebook price to $4.99 gives me 70% royalty of $3.44. KDP paperback printing cost is $4.26. 60% paperback royalty of $3.51 yields a price of $12.95.
Making the changes now, because I just roll that way. Quickly and off the cuff, but very publicly and with transparency.

Grief and Putting Book Marketing on Hold

I’ve been grieving and neglecting marketing my book. It will remain. I can go back to it.
Part of me wants to experiment with reformatting it, removing indents, left justifying paragraphs, making sure that widow-orphan control is set up properly. Doing so would be tedious. That, too, can wait…


20 responses to “Should I Lower the Price of My Book?”

  1. I agree. Thank you.

  2. keep it simple… lower price if it is not about money… I found when you sow into other people life you are more richer than the amount of money you can accumulate. This world thinks more is good. I believe simple is good. You have offered something that can bless others… If you help save a life, that is priceless. As well no one can pay you what you are really worth.

  3. Thanks. Can’t seem to get away from the geeky workaholic.

  4. Already bought your book on Amazon, but agree with your counsel majority to lower the price. The royalty percentage sounds appropriate for the Geeky Goddess born under the Zodiac sign of Leo. In addition, think you still have a touch of “workaholic” flare, without pay, in you.
    God Bless + Take Care !!!

  5. God bless you ????

  6. My two cents: You’re priceless.

  7. Thank you. I lowered my price, but doing a promo also makes sense.

  8. I’m also self-promoting my book and lowering the price can make a difference, especially in conjunction with a promotion. A reduced price for blog or newsletter followers may be an option. I’ve also ran some free promotions, where I give away copies via a service like Instafreebie. If there is an authors group you are involved in, suggest a group book promotion. I found I sold the most copies through that method via AlzAuthors. Good luck with the book!

  9. I would reduce the price and do a lot of marketing with the audience you know, too. When I marketed my book it was through Facebook and friends. I didn’t make any money, just about broke even, but the thrill of actually selling books can’t be replaced.

  10. A paperback discount promotion makes sense. Think I’ll reduce the price of the ebook to $3.99.

  11. Yes. I think I will change the price. Not sure if lowering my paperback a couple of dollars makes much difference, but lowering my ebook price can.

  12. I don’t really need the income. My husband provides well, and I receive disability based on my former workaholic career pay, which I’m no longer able to sustain. Getting it into hands is more important. Time to reduce the price…

  13. Sounds like a lot to consider! I will think good thoughts for your book! 🙂

  14. For me I would do a low price Kindle release with a discount on the paperback (???) Also since I do not know all the details of production I’m not able to be more concise. Another option would be to break the book into smaller booklets. This approach would mean that you would have some stories in the largest publication that are not in the smaller ones. For an example of this search Amazon for the booklet “Message to Garcia”. You will find that it has a large number of ways that it was produced and a wide price point spread. Finally I am also aware of people that have retitled books without having changed the content. God bless you and I hope this helps : ) !!!

  15. I just tweeted (this applies to the ebook, not paperback price): “I’ve noticed a lot of lower-priced books sell a lot more – I can’t change the price for my book, but I would if I could to $4.99. So…the answer is yes I’d lower it!!!!!
    And you can always, always return to marketing, my dear one. It will wait for you.

  16. The real question is whether you want to make money or get your book into people’s hands. Only you can make that call. But book marketing can wait, as you’ve wisely pointed out.

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